Lesson # 7: Nouns & Pronouns – Speaking Activity

Lesson # 7: Nouns & Pronouns – Speaking Activity

This ESL lesson targets Nouns & Pronouns. Nouns & Pronouns can include singular and plural forms of nouns, subject-verb agreement, objects of preposition, nouns as adjectives, and reflexive pronouns.

This speaking activity evokes natural conversation about common objects your students use on a regular basis.

Your students will also have a chance to ask other students questions using nouns and pronouns until they becomes comfortable with this grammatical structure.

Part I: Questions about the Photo – Nouns & Pronouns

esl lesson beginner kitchen counter

Instructions: Teacher asks students questions about the photo.

  1. Are there tomatoes in the bowl?
  2. Is there a piece of lettuce on the counter?
  3. How many eggs are in the cups?
  4. Is the bottle of olive oil behind the bowl of vegetables?
  5. Where is the orange pepper?
  6. Is there a block of cheese on the cutting board?
  7. Are all of the tomatoes in the bowl?
  8. Is there a piece of lettuce on the bread?
  9. How many red peppers do you see?
  10. Where is the cucumber?

Part 2: Questions about the Photo – Nouns & Pronouns 

esl lesson bathroom counter


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other questions about the picture below:

Note:  If there is only one student and one teacher, then the teacher continues asking the student the ten questions below.

  1. What colour is the candle?
  2. How many towels do you see?
  3. Is the blue towel under the red towel?
  4. Is there a soap bottle on the counter?
  5. What items are in the gold containers?
  6. Is there a picture on the wall?
  7. Is there water on the counter top?
  8. Where are the two small statues?
  9. How many water taps do you see?
  10. Is this a big bathroom or a small one?

Part 3: Questions about the Photo – Nouns & Pronouns

esl lesson cluttered desk


Instructions: Teacher asks student(s) five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Do you have a big, mid-sized, or small laptop?
  2. Do you prefer a sharp pencil or a blunt pencil?
  3. Do you like black coffee or milk coffee?
  4. Can you make coffee yourself?
  5. Name 2 things kids under 12 cannot do themselves?


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other  the five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Do you have a new laptop or an old laptop?
  2. Do you eat lunch by yourself?
  3. Do you like sweet coffee or bitter coffee?
  4. Can you put on a necktie by yourself?
  5. Name 2 things most adults can do by themselves.

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