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Hagwon salary

How much can I earn teaching English in Korea?

Answer(s) How much can you earn teaching English in Korea? Well…. the typical salary teaching English in Korea at a private or public school in your first one to two years is between 2.2 – 2.6 M KRW per month. If you’re at the lower end or 2.2 M KRW per month you can expect to get other benefits such as airfare, a single furnished apartment, pension, severance or 1 month contract completion bonus equal to one month’s salary.
Korea teaching market

Is the Korean teaching market getting worse? (9 Answers)

Question asked – I’m graduating college in April and really want to teach overseas. I’ve looked at China, Korea and Japan and it’s hard to make up my mind. Each country has their own unique qualities. Of course, money and comfort are also a consideration, so I’m leaning towards Korea. I’ve heard that the market is competitive and saturated with ESL teachers. I’ve also heard that most of the job offers are crappy and out in the countryside. Would you still suggest Korea, or somewhere else?
unigwon Korea

Should I teach English at a Unigwon? (13 Answers)

Question asked –  I have a Master’s degree in History, one year of teaching experience at a kids hagwon, and a 120 hour TEFL Certificate. What are my chances of getting a university job anywhere in Korea? Most universities ask for 2 years of college or university EFL teaching experience. Does this count me out? Should I just apply for a unigwon job to get college student teaching experience and then apply to a university after?
Teaching 30 hours a week Korea

Is 30 Hours A Week Teaching In Korea Too Much? (14 Answers)

Question asked –  I was offered a job at a hagwon in Korea for 30 hours of teaching per week. It’s the first offer I’ve had since I started applying about a month ago. I’ve probably sent 15 applications in total to different ESL recruiters. Given that an average work week in the US is 40 hours, 30 hours seems fair, no?
Bail on ESL teaching contract Korea

Am I in “too deep” to quit this hagwon job? (19 Answers)

Question asked – My current hagwon contract ends February 1, 2017. So, I started applying for new teaching jobs and have been offered what appeared to be a great job in Incheon from a decent recruiter. Last week the recruiter sent me the contract which I immediately signed. But after signing I’ve had second thoughts.
Teacher brings family to South Korea

Married, with a family and teaching in Korea (11 Answers)

Question asked – I’ve been offered an English teaching job at a hagwon in rural Korea. I’ll be bringing my wife and son with me (who’s 4 years old). My concern is housing. Will I get a large enough apartment to have a separate room for my son and a master bedroom for my wife and I as well as some type of living room + kitchen space? Our apartment in the US is 800 square feet with 2 bedrooms and a living room and separate kitchen. My question is: How should I negotiate  a larger apartment knowing the majority of
EPIK health check and tatoos

Applying to teach at EPIK with tattoos (6 Answers)

Question asked –  In my EPIK application to teach in Korea it asks if I have “visible” tattoos, so I said “no”. But I do have one tattoo on my back, which can’t be seen unless I take off my shirt and turn around or wear a bikini. When I get my health check will I have to remove my shirt and will the nurse will see it? Will they make a note of it
EPIK program South Korea

Am I qualified for the EPIK program? (12 Answers)

Question asked –  I’ve never applied before. I have a Bachelor’s degree in history from the UK, don’t speak Korean and I’m caucasian. I have co-taught history classes as part of an education practicum class for one college semester.
Sick days Korean hagwon

No Sick Days And 60 day Notice to Hagwon? (10 Answers)

Question asked –  I’ve been offered an ESL teaching contract at a school in Seoul. The contract looks normal except I don’t see any sick days included. What it does say is if I take a sick day they will take it from my pay. Is this legal. Also, if I quit, want to be notified 60 days before I do so. Are these two clauses fair?
gyopo teaching job in Korea

I’m a Gyopo and can’t get hired (7 Answers)

Question asked – I’m a Gyopo with no English teaching experience. I’m also NOT fluent in Korean. Since this is my first attempt to go to Korea to teach, will I be a lot less desirable applicant for recruiters? Would it be better for me to try another country like China or Vietnam instead of Korea, which is a bit more saturated with English teachers right now?
Drug testing teachers in Korea

Drug Testing For Teachers In Korea (9 Answers)

Question asked –  I’m applying for the EPIK program in Korea in the January or February of 2017. How soon after I land in Korea, will I be drug tested. I’ve smoked marijuana in the past, but will have to quit when I get to the ROK (obviously). Any insight?
Suicide jumpers at han river bridge korea rescued

Go On Patrol With Korea’s Suicide Rescue Squad

Go On Patrol With Korea’s Suicide Rescue Squad Believe it or not, Korea has the #1 rate of suicide among OECD nations. Some Koreans are driven to suicide due to social reasons and their failure to integrate or succeed in Korea’s “pressure cooker” society.
Hagwon horror stories

4 Foreign English Teachers Who Got Famous In Korea

4 Foreign English Teachers Who Got Famous In Korea Drama Fever– One of the easiest ways to live and work in South Korea is to get a job as a native English teacher at either a private or public school. These four internet celebrities started as NETs in Seoul and now they’re famous. 
bring dog to korea

Bring my dog to Korea?

A teacher who’s planning to come to Korea brought up some good questions about bringing his dog. Anybody been through this before?
Review Changnyeong English Village

Changnyeong English Village Review

Here are the notes I’ve gathered about Changnyeong English Village in Gyesong, Korea. Not a lot has been written by teachers about this place. If you have insight or updates, please  pay it forward and leave a review. This is a “living document.”
What Teachers Want to Tell Hagwon Owners in Korea

What ESL teachers in Korea really want to tell hagwon owners

Last night, I spoke with an ESL teacher in Korea… He’s a good instructor because he combines education and entertainment in his classroom. He’s well prepared for his English classes, engages his students, and makes sure they have fun while learning a second language. His qualifications are: