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Should I teach in Korea or Taiwan?

Should I teach in Korea or Taiwan? I spent a few years in Taiwan…. and a couple of years in Korea…. To qualify to teach in both countries you’ll need to be a native speaker with a 4 year degree.. You’ll work longer hours in Korea, but you’ll earn more than Taiwan…
Tattoo popularity in Korea

What do Koreans think of teachers with tattoos?

Answer: Are you teaching English through a hagwon or EPIK? EPIK will be more stringent about it and when you do your health check the nurse may see them when you take your shirt off for a chest xray. Possibly he/she could tell the EPIK coordinator, and they may not be pleased if you didn’t reveal that on the EPIK disclosure paper. EPIK will still hire you with tattoos, but don’t show them during class. The only issue I could see is if you’re going out in the summer with your students through EPIK or a hagwon and students or
Teaching Private lessons Korea

The 1/3 Private Teaching Rule in Korea?

Question: My hagwon contract states 30 hours per week. My recruiter said I can only teach a maximum of 10 extra hours (1/3) at a second part time job. Anybody heard of this rule? I’ve never heard of the 1/3 rule. I suppose it could be true.
Teach with Market Leader

What are some good English conversation courses for teaching adult students?

If you’re teaching business people then I’d suggest the Market Leader course. It contains student books, teacher’s manual, audio, video and online supplements. There are 4 levels of business conversation. These include Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. So, you’ve got continuity once your students complete once book they can move to the next level. Of course, with any English conversation course, you’ll have to change things up a bit as the students will get tired of using only a textbook. I’ve developed some compelling English conversation lessons with surveys and discussion activities that get even the most shy students
EPIK ESL Program South Korea

Do teachers drop out of the EPIK program?

It’s not likely that a teacher would drop out of the EPIK program once they get hired and have already been teaching in the program for a few months. This is because once they’ve already invested a few months into their 1 year contract it would be financial suicide to drop out early (unless an absolute emergency). If they WERE to drop out, for whatever reason, they’d lose their contract completion exit bonus of $1,700 USD (approx.) and possibly their apartment security deposit of about $500. Also, they could be delayed collecting their pension contributions. It may be hard collecting
Prof Kelly and Korean Family

Back In The News: Busan Professor & Family (Full Interview)

Busan University Professor, Robert E Kelly is back on BBC News to chat about his unexpected viral fame last week. No doubt you’ve seen the amusing video where his children barged in on his live BBC TV interview to the laughter of millions of people. Prof Kelly, an expert on South Korea, was joined in the follow-up video with his wife and kids…
How to rent an apartment in South Korea

How Do I Rent An Apartment In Korea?

So you’re looking for a place to live in Korea… Guess what? There are at least 6 standard options and a wide range of rental rates to choose from. What you first need to know is the rental system in Korea is, well a little different than what you’re used to. They have different terms and different rental agreements based on how much money you have for rent. Watch this 4 minute video to get up to speed on the Korean rental market terms, types of places to rent, and which one works for you. Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in this
Things you might hate about South korea

5 Things I Hate About Korea

Living in Korea can be awesome!   But just like any country in the world… the ROK  is NOT without flaws. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of foreigners living in Korea have life enriching experiences here and most of them take the good with the bad. But for the purposes of this 8 minute video you’ll hear about 5 things 1 foreigner dislikes about Korea and why. Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in this 8 minute video: What you need to know about getting baking ingredients in Korea and where to find them How the pressure to be pretty in Korea is everywhere even
Why English teachers get bitter in Korea

Why Do ESL Teachers Get Bitter In Korea?

What makes adventurous, free-spirited foreign English teachers become bitter teaching and living in Korea? If you’re coming to Korea be prepared to meet some of these people. When you arrive in Korea you’ll go be in the honeymoon stage
How to save money in Korea

How To Save Money If You’re Teaching In Korea?

This 8 minute video discusses the strategies and tactics you need to use if you want to save a big chunk of cash while teaching in Korea through the EPIK program. By watching your expenses you can pay down student debts, travel around Southeast Asia and sock some cash away for a rainy day. There are upfront and back end payouts you’ll receive as an English teacher in Korea through EPIK and this video explains them. Remember, that a year goes by quickly while teaching in Korea. And, you want to be ahead financially after 12 months later. Here’s a glance of what
8 things You Don't Know about Korea

8 Things To Know Before Moving To Korea

Planning to move to Korea? Melody has been there for a year and a half and here’s her list of the top 8 things she was NOT ready for. Hope these help you adapt to a new culture, language and lifestyle in the ROK. 
Learn about the EPIK Korea program

EPIK Korea – What’s good and bad?

Here’s a video that talks about the pros and cons of teaching in the EPIK Program in Korea. EPIK stands for English Program In Korea. EPIK is an English language education program sponsored by the Korean government.
Koreans thoughts on Foreigners

What Do Koreans Think Of Foreigners (In Korea)

The number of foreigners visiting Korea to travel, live or work has increased. In the past 10 years this number has gone up massively due to a fascination with ALL THINGS Korean.  Things like English teaching jobs, language learning at Korean universities, and of course K-Pop, food and fashion are incredibly popular. In this video a cameraman walks around Seoul and asks Koreans what they think about the growing influx of foreigners in their country.
7 day trip to North Korea

A Mysterious 7-Day Trip To North Korea

North Korea is the most mysterious country in the world. Jacob Laukaitis spent 7 days in the hermit Kingdom. He took a tour but he couldn’t choose where to go, what to do, or when to see it. Every day was a surprise! There are 21 things you’ll learn in this 14 minute video about 7 days in North Korea.
Americans Try Korean McDonalds

Americans Try Korean McDonald’s

Evan Chang and a few of his American friends arrive in Seoul Korea to try Korean McDonalds…. (2,547,295 views) Here’s what they say about: The Double BulGogi Burger The Super Shrimp Burger The McSpicey Shanghai Burger The Chu-reu-Seu Do you like Korean McDonald’s? Yes, No Blech! Leave a comment below: Teaching Jobs in Korea Teach In Seoul Public Schools (Choose From Elementary, Middle or High School) Teach From Home | $22 USD Per Hour
Why do Korean women have such great skin?

Why do many South Korean women have good skin?

Why do many South Korean women have good skin? It’s no secret that Korean women desire flawless, porcelain skin. In fact, they’ll go to great lengths to get it. Here’s how: Korean Women Are Anti-Sun On sweltering summer day in Seoul you’ll often see young and middle aged Korean
Sticks and stones break your bones

The young learner strategy

Most native English teachers in Korea don’t get upset when a young learner walks up and says, “you look tired”, or “your nose is big”, and even “why are you so fat?” This is because most of us just accept this type of comment as part of the “appearances driven” culture our students live in. We get the feeling that they are saying these things without malice. So, getting upset with them doesn’t do much good, because they’re not likely going to change anytime soon— if ever. Couldn’t the same be said for your friends and family who guilt us without knowing any

Maybe Your Students Aren’t Trying To learn English

Perhaps they want to play or seek edutainment instead. NOT just another class, but an event that’s fun and memorable. If they’re salarymen, they want something to distract them from their marathon days at the office and authoritarian bosses. If they’re schoolchildren, they seek respite from the academic pressure from their parents and teachers. The positive interactions you have with your students in the moment are your upmost priority. A stale textbook is the last refuge for the ESL teacher who lacks the imagination or determination to deliver a compelling English lesson.
How long can I realistically live abroad

How Long Can You Realistically Teach English Overseas?

How Long Can You Realistically Teach English Overseas? After your first, second, or even third year teaching English in Asia, you need to ask yourself: Is an EFL career for me? How far can I go with it? What skills have I acquired that I can add to my resume, how much am I earning, saving? Who am I missing back home? Pause, reflect, and give it some serious thought. You might conclude that you’re living abroad because you’re seeking to create a life free of cultural conformity and commitments, or to escape the drudgery of the 9-5 office cubicle.
Showing vs. Telling

Showing vs. Telling

All the definitions, descriptions, and explanations you give your EFL students to aid their understanding pale in comparison with what you can actually “show them”. Too often, English teachers feel that a daily ritual of spoon-feeding students new vocabulary and expressions is of upmost necessity.  Maybe we subconsciously do it to justify our existence. Do students really need to know the latest/greatest English idiom or buzz word to attain fluency? Words are forgotten while pictures are remembered. Use them generously in class.
Apartments in Busan Korea

Can I teach PT in Korea and get my own apartment?

Can I teach PT in Korea and get my own apartment? I don’t want to teach 30–40 hours per week in Korea. Is it possible to find a hagwon job that will contract me for just 20 hours a week, and I’ll get my own apartment? Answer(s) It’s rare to find teaching jobs working less than 30 hours per week. The issue is visa sponsorship. It’s not worth the school’s investment in you as a teacher, if you don’t earn the school a handsome profit. The school has to pay for your visa, flight, severance, pension, medical, etc, so you
Hagwon salary

How much can I earn teaching English in Korea?

How much can I earn teaching English in Korea? Answer(s) How much can you earn teaching English in Korea? Well…. the typical salary teaching English in Korea at a private or public school in your first one to two years is between 2.2 – 2.6 M KRW per month. If you’re at the lower end or 2.2 M KRW per month you can expect to get other benefits such as airfare, a single furnished apartment, pension, severance or 1 month contract completion bonus equal to one month’s salary.
Korea teaching market

Is the Korean teaching market getting worse? (9 Answers)

Is the Korean teaching market getting worse? (9 Answers) Question asked – I’m graduating college in April and really want to teach overseas. I’ve looked at China, Korea and Japan and it’s hard to make up my mind. Each country has their own unique qualities.
Teach English in Korea

Teaching Jobs in Korea – December 2016

Teaching Jobs in Korea – December 2016 English Writers Needed – Korea Hanacore – Jan. 7, 2017 – Hanacore needs English writers to write blog posts about their experience living and working in South Korea. We serve content to college graduates who wish to teach English abroad. Bloggers will contribute  written content on an ongoing basis. Writers will be paid $25 per 800-1,200 word blog post, $35 per 1,200-1,600 word blog post, and $45 per Teach English Part-Time At Yonsei University Foreign Language Institute Yonsei University Foreign Language Institute – Jan. 6, 2017 – FLI has over 40 years of educating
unigwon Korea

Should I teach English at a Unigwon? (13 Answers)

Should I teach English at a Unigwon?  (13 Answers) Question asked –  I have a Master’s degree in History, one year of teaching experience at a kids hagwon, and a 120 hour TEFL Certificate. What are my chances of getting a university job anywhere in Korea? Most universities ask for 2 years of college or university EFL teaching experience. Does this count me out? Should I just apply for a unigwon job to get college student teaching experience and then apply to a university after?
Teaching 30 hours a week Korea

Is 30 Hours A Week Teaching In Korea Too Much?

Is 30 Hours A Week Teaching In Korea Too Much? Question asked –  I was offered a job at a hagwon in Korea for 30 hours of teaching per week. It’s the first offer I’ve had since I started applying about a month ago. I’ve probably sent 15 applications in total to different ESL recruiters. Given that an average work week in the US is 40 hours, 30 hours seems fair, no?
Bail on ESL teaching contract Korea

Am I in “too deep” to quit this hagwon job? (19 Answers)

Question asked – My current hagwon contract ends February 1, 2017. So, I started applying for new teaching jobs and have been offered what appeared to be a great job in Incheon from a decent recruiter. Last week the recruiter sent me the contract which I immediately signed. But after signing I’ve had second thoughts.
Teacher brings family to South Korea

Married, with a family and teaching in Korea (11 Answers)

Married, with a family and teaching in Korea (11 Answers) Question asked – I’ve been offered an English teaching job at a hagwon in rural Korea. I’ll be bringing my wife and son with me (who’s 4 years old). My concern is housing. Will I get a large enough apartment to have a separate room for my son and a master bedroom for my wife and I as well as some type of living room + kitchen space? Our apartment in the US is 800 square feet with 2 bedrooms and a living room and separate kitchen. My question is: How
EPIK health check and tatoos

Applying to teach at EPIK with tattoos (6 Answers)

Applying to teach at EPIK with tattoos (6 Answers) Question asked –  In my EPIK application to teach in Korea it asks if I have “visible” tattoos, so I said “no”. But I do have one tattoo on my back, which can’t be seen unless I take off my shirt and turn around or wear a bikini. When I get my health check will I have to remove my shirt and will the nurse will see it? Will they make a note of it
Get TEFL done and then apply for Korea teaching jobs

Before I apply to teach should I have TEFL done? 6 Answers

Before I apply to teach should I have TEFL done? 6 Answers Question asked –  I’m in the middle of my online TEFL program as well as getting my E2 visa documents apostilled. Would it be wiser to get it all done first, before contacting recruiters? Read 6 Answers “Why wait? It can take 3-6 months from the time you apply for a teaching job in Korea, until you’ve actually got your boots in the classroom
Using recruiters to get an ESL job in Korea

How many recruiters to get a teaching job in Korea?

How many recruiters to get a teaching job in Korea? Question asked –  Everyone says to send your teaching resume out to a bunch of ESL recruiters. So, I followed that advice and now I’ve been inundated with recruiter emails, requests for documents, and interview schedules. I can’t keep up with it all…. I don’t want to annoy any recruiter, because I don’t know