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Is it rude to eat in public in Japan?

Is it rude to eat in public in Japan? I read somewhere that the Japanese consider it impolite to eat in public places. Of course, restaurants and areas designated with tables are fine, but I’m talking about
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Teaching English In Japan: 5 Down and Dirty Tips For Newbies

Teaching in Japan is an out of this world experience! Here are some effective tips for anyone who is jetting off to the “land of the rising sun” to live and teach: Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Chris in this episode: What to prepare for your introduction class in Japan How to build rapport and engage your students
7 English Teachers Who Did The Right Dang Thing

7 English Teachers Who Fought For The Right Dang Thing

7 English Teachers Who Fought For The Right Dang Thing 1. This ESL teacher took his employer (in Canada) to task for ageism: Charles McNair, a 64 English teacher at the International House in Vancouver, Canada was fired and replaced by a younger teacher. He was later awarded $17,000 by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.
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Getting a Job Offer in China WITHOUT an Interview?

Getting a Job Offer in China WITHOUT an Interview?? I’ve heard that it’s possible to be offered jobs teaching English in China without even an interview. While such occurrences are rare, they do happen. In one particular situation a Chinese university contacted a teacher by email only a couple of weeks after he applied offering him a TEFL job. The university appeared legitimate, the pay was attractive and the location was good from the teacher’s perspective.
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South Africans Must Take One Of These 3 English Tests

South Africans Must Take One Of These 3 English Tests If you’re South African and you want to teach in Thailand, guess what?  You are NOT considered a Native English Speaker (NES). Yes, it’s true! The rule was passed several years ago by the Thai government. And even if you have a 4 year degree and you attended an English-speaking high school and university in South Africa, you still don’t qualify as a native speakers like teachers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.
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TEFL Heaven Thailand: Reviews From ESL Teachers

TEFL Heaven Thailand: Reviews From ESL Teachers Here’s some research/reviews I’ve done on TEFL Heaven. They offer an in-country TEFL Course for prospective ESL teachers.  Feel free to share your experience (good, bad, ugly) with this TEFL course provider. Add or revise where required. It’s a living document.
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Is Online ESL Teaching in Your Future?

Is Online ESL Teaching in Your Future? I did some research on online English schools, the pay, the structure and the opportunity… My question is: Is it possible to make a livable wage teaching online. I’ve heard everything rom as low as $10 – $25 per hour (USD). Here are my notes:
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TEFL Jobs Abroad (15 things to know to get hired)

TEFL Jobs Abroad (15 things to know to get hired) On average an English teacher recruiter/school will spend 6 seconds looking at your resume. (Yes, that’s seconds not minutes) I’ve compiled some DO’S and DON’TS that EFL teachers should follow to ensure you don’t get ignored by recruiters

English Schools (start your own in a foreign country)

English Schools (start your own in a foreign country) We’ve all worked for English schools we felt could be better managed, with better books, and better conditions for teachers and students. At first glance these things seem like no-brainer fixes don’t they? ESL Teachers might say…
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Teaching English in Europe? (the most popular countries)

Teaching English in Europe? (the most popular countries) Europe sounds like a “cool” place to teach English, no? Sure, the pay and benefits aren’t as attractive as in Japan or Korea… but the lifestyle and travel opportunities are amazing! With a little research…
Teach English Abroad in Brunei

Teach English Abroad Brunei (with CfBT School)

Teach English Abroad Brunei (with CfBT School) Teaching abroad in Brunei intrigues me. Up until now, I’ve known little about this tiny nation. That is, until I discovered CfBT school.  So I did some research about CfBT school and life in Brunei.  Here are my notes:
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Teaching Ads that say “must currently reside in Japan”

Teaching Ads that say “must currently reside in Japan” Most of the jobs I see advertised for teachers in Japan want teachers currently living there. What’s up with that? Is this because they want teachers with actual teaching experience in Japan? Or… is it that they can’t legally acquire visas for teachers, or just don’t want to hassle with the paperwork?
Get a degree for free in Germany

Get a ‘free’ degree in Germany (even if you’re an international student)

So, you’ve been teaching English overseas for a year or two now… It has been an eye opening, life changing experience… and you’ve managed to save up some cash. Want to raise the bar and try something completely different? How about Germany? Since October, 2014 Germany has been offering free degrees to international students. (you have to study and earn it of course).
What Gene Simmons has to says about Learning English

What Gene Simmons of KISS has to say (to English learners)

Gene Simmons is an American rock star best known for being the front man for the rock group KISS. KISS grew to fame for their make up and costumes, on-stage antics, and the rebellious rock anthems they sang in the 70’s and early 80’s.. But what your ESL students may NOT know is this… Gene immigrated to New York City with his mother (who escaped NAZI concentration camps) when he was just eight years old. (according to Wikipedia) And… neither Gene, nor his mom spoke a word of English when they arrived in New York in 1957. Despite the language barrier, Gene went from poor, Israeli, immigrant to rock star and eventual marketing maven. Gene
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Is a stint teaching English overseas the best way to pay off our student loans? (once and for all)

One reason why we choose to teach English abroad is to pay off our student loans (or at least put a dent in them). And for some of us, our education loans are huge! In 2014 average college fees in the US hovered between $18,000 US (public colleges) to $42,000 (private colleges) according to Are you sending money home each month to pay down your student loan, or are your parents helping you pay it? To learn how many college students actually get financial assistance from their parents with their student loans check out the latest statistics from Sallie Mae… A 2014 study done for Sallie Mae, the
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Drones ‘swoop down on’ cheating students (when nothing else works)

Ever caught one of your students cheating on a test? Then, how’s this idea for prevention? Education authorities in China are cracking down on cheaters during the country’s annual high stakes college entrance exams. And they’re using some pretty sophisticated technology (drones) to police an increasing number students who will do whatever it takes to score high on these make or break tests. Last month, 23 people were arrested for trying to “arrange cheating” before the exam period began, according to The Associated Press, and hundreds more have made headlines for hiring “exam surrogates,” buying James Bond-esque spy gear, and even for wearing fingerprint film to pass machine checks as other students. While cheating is never condonable, it is fathomable, especially