How Long Can You Realistically Teach English Overseas?

How Long Can You Realistically Teach English Overseas?

After your first, second, or even third year teaching English in Asia, you need to ask yourself:How long can I realistically live abroad

Is an EFL career for me? How far can I go with it? What skills have I acquired that I can add to my resume, how much am I earning, saving? Who am I missing back home?

Pause, reflect, and give it some serious thought.

You might conclude that you’re living abroad because you’re seeking to create a life free of cultural conformity and commitments, or to escape the drudgery of the 9-5 office cubicle.

But soon, slowly, you find your newfound freedom pill losing its efficacy as it gets replaced with you accepting more overtime hours at your school, adopting the local business wardrobe to fit in, and getting sucked into school politics.

The longer you stay in your host country, the more your learn to accept what you can’t change so you bend and blend. If you don’t you’ll crack…

The more roots you plant abroad, the harder it becomes to leave.

Few foreign English teachers/expats will stay abroad indefinitely even if they love what they do.

Maybe their shelf life is 10 or 20 years— but at some point, for whatever reason, maybe even against their will, they’ll eventually return home..

The best time to plan for your eventual return is right now. And the worst time to re-visit this plan is when there’s a lot of pressure to leave.

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