Middle/High School Conversation

ESL Lesson Your Parents 3

Top 10 Qualities in Parents Every Kid Expects

What do you expect from your parents and what do you not expect? If you were to create the perfect parents, what qualities would they have? Would they treat you and your siblings differently and would your relationship with them be better?
Weekends Seem Longer

How to Make Your Weekend Feel Longer

Weekends are about relaxing and having fun. Friday tends to be the happiest day of the week for most people, but Sunday is the saddest. Why Sunday and not Monday? Because on Sundays most people start dreading going back to school or work. On Monday we just accept it since it has already arrived.
Peer Pressure eslteachingonline.com

Why Teens Give In to Peer Pressure

People who are a similar age as you are called your peers. They could be your classmates or friends, for example. When your peers try to persuade you to do something, or tell you how to act, it’s called peer pressure. Peer pressure is something everyone has to deal with — even adults. However, peer pressure is strongest among teenagers.
10 things you should never have in your bedroom 2

10 Things To Never Keep in Your Bedroom

For most teenagers their bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s a place of privacy and escape from school, family, friends and the stresses of every day life. This ESL lesson will improve your English speaking ability and offer ideas on how to optimize your bedroom for better sleep and health.
Is the Generation Gap Widening

Is The Generation Gap Widening?

The generational gap refers to differences between people of younger generations and their elders. For example, between children and their parents and their grandparents. These generational differences could include behaviour and attitudes, spoken language, fashion trends, or technology.
Study Habits 1

Best Time and Place to Do Homework

A researcher at a famous American university claimed that too much homework isn’t good for teens. Too much homework can cause stress and health problems. Also it affects their relationships outside of school with family and friends. Do you agree?
Fashion 1

Street Fashion – What’s your Style?

Most teenagers are inspired by the latest styles and trends from fashion, pop music and celebrities. Teen fashion moves fast and what’s popular today is gone tomorrow. Do kids in your country feel pressure from their friends to be fashionable?
Sports 1

Why Kids Should Play Sports

As teens it is important to be physically active to get rid of stress and help us lead healthier lives. Sports is a great way to achieve these things. But, playing sports offers us more than just physical benefits. Sports help kids academically and socially as well.
Video Games 1

The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games

Teenagers loves video games. They spend hours every day in their room playing them. But is there any educational value to video games? Some people think video games can help kids learn strategy. But most parents think video games are too violent or numb their kids minds.
Music 1

How Does Music Affect Your Brain?

Everyone enjoys listening to music for different reasons. Music can change our mood and make us feel good. If you are happy, happy songs make you happier and if you’re sad, sad songs are comforting. Can you imagine living your life without the beauty of music?
Movies 1

Movies: Why People Love Them

Everyone loves movies. Movies allow us to escape. Movies take us to places we’ve never been and inside the lives of people we’ve never met before. Movies offer us a window onto the wider world, broadening our perspective and opening our eyes to new wonders.

The Many Advantages of Having a Hobby

We all need hobbies. They bring us joy and satisfaction. The best thing about hobbies is you don’t have to be good at them. The funny thing is that when you love doing something you become naturally good at something.
Friends 1

Who’s your BFF? Best Friend Forever

Friends are an important part of every person’s life. You talk with them about almost everything and even share secrets with them that you might not tell your family. Everybody would agree if you had no friends life would be quite boring. Have you made any new friends recently?
Dating 1

Important Truths About Teen Dating

If you’ve dated in middle or high school, you already know there is a lot that goes into it besides just hanging out with someone you like. Your friends probably get too involved and your parents are overprotective.
School 1

School Sucks! Or, Does It?

Kids like going to school because they can see their friends everyday and learn about new and interesting stuff. Of course you can learn things by yourself, but in school there are teachers who can help you. You also learn social skills and academic skills in school that help prepare you for the future.
Family 1

Do You Have a Traditional Family?

In our busy lives, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. Our families provide a setting for much of the growth we experience in life. In our families we love, serve, teach, and learn from each other.