Why Mondays Are Universally Hated By Workers

Why Mondays Are Universally Hated By Workers

The majority of working people can’t stand Mondays.

Perhaps the only people who MIGHT like Monday is if it’s the start of their vacation, part of a 3 day long weekend, or maybe it’s their birthday.

What  reasons do you have for hating Mondays, or possibly you look forward to them?

This lesson will develop your English speaking ability and give you rituals to help you have great Mondays.

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo

Monday Morning 1

1. What items do you see on the man’s desk?

2. Does he appear to be working in a cubicle?

3. Why isn’t he wearing his glasses?

4. Do you think he looks comfortable?

5. Do you keep your suit jacket and neck tie on while working at your desk?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. What do you think about Mondays?

I dread them.
I don’t mind them.
I love Mondays!

2. How do you usually feel on Monday mornings?

Feeling a bit down
Under the weather

3. Are you typically more tired on Monday than any other work day?


4. Did you over-indulge on food and drink over the past weekend?


5. Do you often have a mountain of emails to catch up on on Monday mornings?


6. What do you look forward to on Mondays?

Catching up on news and gossip with coworkers.
Tackling my To Do List.
Getting away from my family.
Starting a new work week.
Restarting my weekly exercise routine.
Having lunch or dinner with colleagues.

7. How often do you attend meetings ‘first thing’ Monday mornings?


8. Do you usually put off Friday afternoon meetings until Mondays?


9. Which day of the week do you enjoy the most?


10. What can you do to make your Monday mornings more enjoyable and/or productive?

Part III: Share Your Opinions

Monday Morning 2

Discuss the Photo

1. How many electronic devices are being used?

2. Is the man working indoors or outdoors?

3. Are all of the seats occupied?

Discussion Activity

Below is a list of rituals successful people follow to ensure they have a good Monday? Which ones do you do and why?

Choose either Yes or No beside each one that you follow regularly. Then compare and discuss your answers.

10 Monday Morning Rituals

1. I get to bed early Sunday night.
Yes No

2. I exercise first thing.
Yes No

3. I tackle emails early.
Yes No

4. I have a big healthy breakfast.
Yes No

5. I tackle my toughest tasks first so they’re behind me the rest of the day.
Yes No

6. I meditate or pray.
Yes No

7. I attend some type of class.

Yes No

8. I catch up on the news so I’m informed.
Yes No

9. I take advantage of my commute by working, reading and or learning.
Yes No

10. I remind myself of what I should be grateful for.
Yes No

Did you enjoy this ESL Lesson? 

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