Looking for teaching opportunities in the UAE?

Looking for teaching opportunities in the UAE?

Specifically I’m looking to be in Dubai but I’m open to other places. I would like to teach Early years to maybe 2nd grade or 3rd grade. I would be open to teaching Adults also. I have my TEFL certification. As far as must haves. Being able to sponsor a spouse and dependant. Tuition for children’s school/daycare.

Where in the UAE do you want to teach? My friend has taught in Dubai for 6 years. He loves it. Just visited with him in Canada at Christmas time. He has a 6 year contract with a school there. He originally started in Korea in 1997 taught there, then back to Canada for a couple of years and then ended up in Dubai. He’s still there. Tax free salary, teaching IELTS.

What is IELTS?

International English Language Test Service. It’s a test Emirates must take to get jobs in their country or if someone wants to go to college in the US or Canada. It’s an English proficiency test. Just curious why UAE and not somewhere else?

My husband is Moroccan and I just want to be an Arabic speaking country for my son Like I said Im open to other places too. Diha,Qatar He is young and I want him knowing many languages

Well that makes perfect sense. My son is half Korean so I get the picture.

Exactly. Plus I have a Masters and TEFL. So I feel qualified to teach there with how competitive it is.

Would you be open to Abu Dhabi or just Dubai?

No thats good too

My friend started in Abu Dhabi as a gateway and moved to Dubai a couple years later.

I actually applied with ADEC last month,but was not short listed. The agency I applied with 5 of us were turned down. Oh that’s smart

Yes, it’s competitive, because when it comes to EFL teaching, the UAE has the best salaries and lifestyle. Let me know if you have more questions.

This might sound odd and it’s a religious question, but I was talking to a recruiting partner who asked me if you were Muslim as they prefer to recruit Muslim teachers but from North America.
No its ok. I’m not Muslim. My husband is,but I’m not
Okay, well this is good to know. I’ll let them know and see what they say. Thanks for your patience.

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