Teach Business English In Busan (40-50,000 KRW Per Hour)

We have a business english class opening up in the BIFC tower near Seomyun station on Line 2. The class will start on February 21st.
The class details are as follows:
Start Date: February 21st, 2017
Time: 11:50am~12:40pm

Location: BIFC Tower in Munhyeondong. Busan International Finance Center. Busan bank station.
Class Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Pay: 40,000~50,000 negotiable.
Class materials are all provided.
The students are all adults working at a finance company. There level is intermediate.
The classes will run until the end of the year.
Please send you resume and picture to lauren@coollearning.co.kr if you are interested!