Could they be raising the bar on ESL teacher requirements?

Raising the bar for ESL teachers

ESL Teacher Credentials

We’ve all been through the back-checking, of course. Degree verification, TEFL certification and the criminal records checks. Checks that immigration requires. All, so we aliens can get our teaching visas.

The ESL teacher market for the “good jobs” is competitive!

Will schools soon demand foreign instructors have greater knowledge, skills, and abilities as the demand for one size fits all English teachers shrinks in certain countries.

Students need teachers who are listeners and correctors, not “talking heads.”Language institutes need educators, with “relevant degrees” not working holiday college grads. Universities demand post-graduate degree holders with “multiple years” of proven work experience.

These are skills we may soon have to get if we want at shot at the better jobs. But, most of us won’t make the effort to obtain.

If you’re serious about teaching overseas (for years to come) up-skilling now is a lot cheaper than it’s going to cost you later.

Unless you’re planning a career change…

(But how much will that set you back?)


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