How rich is Kim Jong-Un? (The 33-Year old leader of North Korea)

How rich is Kim Jong-Un (North Korean Dictator)

As of February, 2017 it was estimated by “Celebrity Net Worth” that the North Korean dictator has a net worth of 5 Billion USD. It has been said that he acquired it all by the age of 33. Kim was born in 1984.

Kim apparently holds assets in more than 200 foreign banks all over the world. These accounts are primarily in Central America, Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, China, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and of course Russia.

The majority of these foreign bank accounts have been alleged to have been opened up under different names. Money laundering has been supposedly taken place in Russia.

So, how does a 33-year-old dictator spend his riches?

You would think that his first priority would be buying-off government officials in his party to gain their loyalty.

And of course he spends money on his wife.

It was reported that his wife Ri Sol-Ju was photographed with a Dior handbag worth $1,500 USD. While this is not an exorbitant sum for a luxury handbag (some handbags are priced at $5, $10 or even north of $20,000 USD) the Dior hardback does carry significance. Why? Because in North Korea the average yearly salary is a paltry $1,500 USD.

The Dictator has also been known to have spent huge sums of cash on properties, toys and recreation.

He has a beach resort in the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan. It includes all the luxuries.

He also had a ski resort built so he can enjoy the finest ski slopes in the country.

Kim obviously travels with a huge motorcade of security officers, but it seems he prefers to fly to his meetings and events. He has his own private jet as well as yacht.

As for the finer things in life…. Kim collects leather goods and expensive watches and booze. It’s rumoured that he spends about $65 million dollars per year on such items.

And let’s not forget how much he spends on nuclear missile testing…

Sadly, this leaves very little left over to share with North Korean citizens…

Please note: Nobody really knows what Kim is worth exactly. The above are simply speculations curated from the WEB of what he has supposedly bought and how he earns and spends his money on.

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