Schools might soon be sending student homework to low wage countries to mark (despite criticism)

Most teachers enjoy teaching but hate marking.Outsourcing Marking Tests.jpg

Grading is mundane work and a lot of us feel this time could be better spent creating motivational lessons to inspire our students.

If the thought of sitting down at your desk tonight to grade countless exam papers after an exhausting day of classes makes you cringe, then consider this.

Schools in the UK are exploring the idea of sending their ‘marking’ overseas to save costs and lighten teacher workloads.

Rebecca Allen, head of teaching think-tank Education Datalab, said studies have shown that marking can be done for as little as £2 ($3US) per hour overseas, and that the results are ‘incredibly reliable’

Critics of this proposal (some taxpayers and parents) might argue that teachers already get plenty of vacation time each year and they should do their own marking.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, the technology and manpower is ready, willing and able to do it for a nominal fee.

Web services like E-Lance, O-Desk and Fivver have sprung up over the last several years giving schools access to thousands of qualified individuals abroad who are more than happy to do the work most teachers loathe.

Everybody wins. The school, the teachers, and the outsourcer.

Hmmm, what about our students?

Read original article in the Daily Mail


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