Teach 8 Hours Per Week At Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Full-time Position Department of English Education Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul

 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul 

Full-time Position
Department of English Education
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul

1. Period: March 1, 2018 – February 28, 2019
(The contract may be extended annually.)

2. Qualifications
Full-time Faculty Position (teaching content-based courses in theory and pedagogy) of Department of English Education, College of Education, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul ( www.hufs.ac.kr )
In order to fulfill the requirement as a full-time faculty who can teach content-based subject areas, the qualified applicant should meet the following requirements:
(1) should have a master’s degree (TESOL-related area) and have at least two years’ full-time teaching experience at a university after obtaining master’s degree, or should have a doctoral degree in TESOL-related area.
(3) should speak the standard variety of English and be deemed qualified to teach at the University.

3. Minimum load of teaching hours
– The faculty should teach a minimum of eight hours a week.
– The faculty should be willing to advise students and participate in the department activities.
– The faculty should be present at the University for four days or more each week.

4. Contract Renewal System for Foreign Faculty
– In order to renew a contract, department consensus and fulfillment of research requirement (Minimum of 120 points per year) are needed. And he/she needs to contribute to the development of department (based on HUFS regulations).
* Content-based teaching professors except in Science-related fields are required to write, at the fifth year renewal of contract, at least one journal in domestic (accredited journal) or international general journal or a prominent international academic journal.

5. HUFS Faculty Research Grant
– Incentives are provided for the professors who write the journals at the level of SCI(E) and domestic prominent journals if a published article is submitted only when he/she is being employed by the HUFS.

6. Airfare Support: One-way airplane ticket from (departure) to Seoul
(economy class for the faculty member and his/her spouse)
* Airfare support does not apply to those who are already staying in Korea.
* In case of professor’s resignation before expiration date of the contract, the travel expenses should be paid back to University.

7. Accommodations: Dormitory for foreign faculty members (single/family size)

8. System for staying abroad
– For foreign faculty member, in principle, the length of stay for any return trip home should not exceed one month per semester.
– However, depending on the personal situation, the faculty member may stay abroad two consecutive months during the four month period of recesses (summer and winter) at his/her discretion. For example : In an academic year, if a faculty member stays abroad during the summer recess for two months, he or she has to stay in Korea during the winter recess.
– When going abroad during the semester or recess for some reasons, the faculty member should submit an ‘Overseas Travel Permit’ to the Office of Academic Affairs by online (University Intranet system).

9. Required Documents
– Resume in English (with recent photo)
– Research/publications list in English (Manuscript copies should be attached.)
– Certificate of Employment in English or Korean (Positions should be identified.)
– Certificate of Career in English or Korean (Positions should be identified.)
* Positions should be specified as one of followings: part-time lecturer, full-time lecturer (former), assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor.
* If he or she has previous career experience as a part-time lecturer, the weekly teaching hours should be stated on the certificate of employment/career.
– A letter of recommendation in English or Korean (Optional)
(Issued by the organization or university where he/she’s employed)
– Photo Copy of diplomas (BA, MA, Ph.D) or degree verification form
– Certificate of criminal records in English

10. Submission Deadline
– All the required documents should be submitted to Department of English Education from Oct. 2 (Tue.) to Oct. 18 (Wed.).

11. Submission Methods
– All documents can be submitted through e-mail, registered mail or in person.

*Mailing Address:
107, Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code:130-791)
Department of English Education
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

130-791 서울시 동대문구 이문로 107
한국외국어대학교 사범대 영어교육과

*To visit in person:
Department of English Education, #406 Main building
Seoul Campus
Office Hours: Weekdays 9pm –59pm

*To submit by email: Please send all files to: greenklee@naver.com
To inquire about the process, please contact the dept. office at:
– Tel: +82-2-2173-2342
– Email: Professor Kilryoung Lee (klee@hufs.ac.kr)

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