Teach Adult Conversation 4.5 Hours Per Day – Seoul

SEMI FT/ FULL TIME/ PART TIME Adult conversation & business teaching position (Institute) (Seolleung, Kangnam)

Seolleung Station(Line number 2)
(Adult) English Conversation & Business

1. Semi FT Position
* Avg. 4.5-teaching hours/day (Available working hours should be: Morning or Evening block 7:00~13:00 or 16:00~22:00) -Teaching hours maximum 90 hrs/month
* Monday~Friday + Saturday is optional
* 12-month contract (E2, F2, F4, F6 or Korean citizens with native level of English skills)
* 2.0~2.5 million KWN (negotiable based on experience + teaching skills)
2. Full-time Position

M~F (7hours working hour) Sat.(5hours working hour)

* 12 month contract ( F4 Fluent in English and Korean or Korean citizens with native level of English skills)
* 3.0~4.5 million KWN (negotiable based on experience + teaching skills)
3. Part-time Position

Mon~Fri 07:00~09:00/18:00~22:00 (ASAP)

* Min 550,000~2.5 million KWN per month (depends on teaching hours, teaching skills and experiences)


4. VIP 1:1 business English teaching (Outsourcing)
– Class : 1:1
– Location:  Cheonan (천안두정동)

– Schedule:  Wed, Fri 7:30~8:30am

– Starting Date: 1st of March
– End: 3 month contract
– Nationality: F-2,F-5, F-6 visa holder

– Apply email: hr@gcsenglish.net

For more information or to apply, please send your resume and picture (Must indicate what position you’re applying, ex) SemiFull, Full-time, Part-time

**If you’re not interested but you know someone who is, please let them know about our current vacancies.**

Thank you.

About Us

Our school was established in 2006 and has grown into one of the leading adult English institutes in Gangnam. Our clientele are professional people who want to learn English in a hands-on, challenging environment.

Class sizes at our Gangnam institute range from 1 student (in our 1-on-1 classes) to a maximum of 6 to 10 students in our group classes. Classroom materials are provided and teaching hours are flexible. Subjects and levels vary by class, and range from survival English to advanced conversation and grammar, business conversation, presentation development, interview preparation and debate. Our outsourcing division provides instructors to companies in all areas of Korea.

Our institute offers competitive packages to full time teachers. Teachers earn higher salaries after gaining experience and as teaching hours increase.

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