Teach Adults In Gangnam Seoul Korea (Language Cube)

Teach Adults In Gangnam Seoul Korea (Language Cube)

Language Cube Academy Korea

Language Cube Institute Seoul Korea

Teach Adults Full Time In Gangnam, Seoul

Starting In October.

Language Cube is a private English institute which focuses on teaching adults based
on their own learning goals.

We have schools in Seoul in the following locations:

  • Guro
  • Apgujeong
  • Jongro
  • Yeoksam

Language Cube is hiring experienced native speaking English teachers who can
teach Korean adults in Gangnam and Dongjak in Seoul.

Here’s a 3rd party video walking tour of the famous Gangnam district in Seoul

Shopping, restaurants and nightlife. It’s one stop from Yeoksam station
and easily walkable in less than 10 minutes.

About these Teaching Jobs

These are full-time, split shift teaching roles.

We are hiring a teacher with an E2, F5 or F6 visa.

The start date is October 10, 2016, but you will participate in a 3 day training session
before the job starts.

The teaching location is at the Language Cube Gangnam branch located in Yeoksam.

Here’s a Wikipedia map of Yeoksam (shaded in orange). Click on the map
image to read up on Yeoksam.

Yeoksam Seoul Map

Yeoksam Map (orange) Seoul Wikipedia

You’ll work one to one with Korean adults teaching them conversation, Business
English and topic classes that are relevant and interesting to them.

The schedule is Monday to Friday from 7 am until 112 am and 6 pm until 10 pm.
These are 8 hour teaching shifts.

You’ll teach two Saturdays each month from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening.
The salary is 2.4 million to 3.2 million KRW per month.

This includes a base salary and a split shift bonus and two Saturdays of teaching
each month and an incentive.

Vacation time is 10 days per year.

There are currently 7-8 foreign teachers at the school in Yeoksam.

There are two housing options:

Fully furnished single housing, or a housing subsidy of 500,000 KRW per month.

Your national Korean pension and health insurance will be covered at the rate of 50%.

Teaching Qualifications

To teach English in Korea for Language Cube, you must be a native english speaker
and hold a current E2, F5, or F6 visa.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree from a 4 year university in one of the native
English-speaking countries such as Canada, USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia,
New Zealand,or South Africa.

You must have experience teaching business or conversational English in Korea for
a minimum of 3 years.

How You Can Apply

Send a current picture of yourself and resume to UNION_LC@NAVER.COM

You’ll also need to provide the job you are applying for, nationality, date of birth
and what type of visa you have.

We cannot respond to everyone who applies. Only candidates who are qualified will be

To learn more about Language Cube | UnionE&C visit our website at www.languagecube.kr

Here are some past and present teachers at Language Cube in Seoul.

Language Cube Teachers

Teachers Language Cube (Past and Present)

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You'll turn into a zombie working split shifts and Saturdays.

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If you lose students because of your teaching performance, will you lose your job or have your hours cut? If students don't like you or complain, could you be terminated? These are questions I'd ask during the interview...

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Do they deduct pay when students don't show up? You'd better find out before you sign up. Check to make sure the school doesn't deduct your pay if the student doesn't show up for a 1 hour class because they're sick or have a business meeting, etc. Also, check if you have to stick around the school if the student doesn't come to his/her scheduled class. When you're teaching adults 1:1 they often miss classes, and they aren't concerned because their companies pay for their language courses, but will you get paid?

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