Teach At An Online Gaming Company In Seoul

Online Gaming Korea

Gamers play at a PC Bang in Korea

Teach English Full Time to Employees At An Online
Gaming Company in Gangnam, Seoul Korea

You’ll be teaching from 9:30 am until 6:30 pm daily which includes a 1 hour break for
lunch from 12 to 1 pm.

You will have small group adult classes lasting 50 minutes with various staff members
at the company as well as 1:1 classes each week.

The schedule is 7 classes per day or 35 (50 minute) classes per week. You will receive 10
minute breaks between each 50 minute class.

This gaming company is located in Gangnam District Office station.

Here’s an interesting Reddit conversation about what it’s really like to work in the online
gaming industry.

Since this is a computer gaming company the successful candidate must be interested in
PC games and playing them.

To understand how big online gaming is in Korea, watch this video from Vice.

A journalist from Vice visited Korea, to learn about “E Sports” which can either make
you rich and famous or force you into a rehab program.

The salary for this teaching position is 3,000,000 KRW

per month for 20 days a month of teaching.

This is an average salary since some months you’ll teach 20 days for 2.8 M KRW
while other months you’ll teach 21 days for 3.2 M KRW.

This adult teaching job starts December, 2016 or January, 2017 depending on
when the teacher can begin.

Application Process:

  • You will undergo a screening interview at the gaming company.
  • E2 visas and typical benefits are provided, however, no housing is provided.
  • If you are an F2 or F6 visa holder, 3.3% Korean income tax will be deducted from
    your salary.

Since you’ll be teaching in the Gangnam district, here’s a 360 degree walking
tour to get familiar with this neighbourhood.

Here’s a map to Gangnam District Office station.

How To Apply

Email your resume and a current picture of yourself to: kazuya394@hotmail.com
Include ‘Gangnam Game Co. Job‘ in the email subject line.

Only native English speaker teachers with standard English pronunciation from North
American or British Commonwealth companies will be contacted for interviews.

BCM Language Schools is the second-largest franchised adult English education center in Korea.

It has 30+ schools throughout the country.

Visit the BCM website at:  http://bcm21.spworks.co.kr/newmain.asp?from=event

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