Teach At Chinju National University Of Education

Teach At Chinju National University Of Education

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Music students at Chinju National University of Education

English Instructor Needed At A University
In Jinju, Korea.

Chinju National University of Education is one of the
leading teacher colleges in Korea.

The University is recruiting for a full-time one year English teaching teacher
starting March 1, 2017.

The contract will be for one year. It ends February 28, 2018. However,
there is an option to renew.

You will be teaching English conversation at the University.

Here’s a map to Jinju with directions and street views.

Teaching Qualifications

  • You must be a native English speaker of English.
  • You must have a Master’s degree in TESOL, TEFL or English Education.
  • You must have relevant English teaching experience.

Watch this informational video about Chinju National University of

Teaching Salary

M.A holders will receive 2.3 million Korean won.

You will teach 16 hours per week. If you teach above
16 hours you will be paid overtime.

About The Job

You will be teaching English conversation Monday to Friday 16 hours per week.

You have the option to teach overtime hours on Saturday mornings. If you decide
to teach Saturdays, you will receive one Saturday off per month.

You will be required to participate in university department meetings and events.

You will attend staff meetings and have job responsibilities and hold office hours.

Job Benefits

Fully furnished one-bedroom housing close to the University campus.

Utilities, telephone, cable, electricity, gas, and Internet are NOT included with your
apartment. You will need to pay these bills yourself.

You will receive 12 weeks of paid vacation per year.
6 weeks in the summer and 6 weeks in the winter when
you finish a one year contract.

You are permitted to travel abroad 30 days out of the year.

You will be reimbursed for your airfare.

You will receive a contract completion bonus (severance pay) equal to one month’s
salary once you complete your year-long contract.

You will be given medical insurance and your premiums will be 50% paid.

You will have your own classroom and share office space with a foreign instructor.

The University provides wonderful working conditions for its instructors.

Jinju National University of Education South Korea

Jinju National University of Education Campus

Application Paperwork Needed

Your resume and cover letter
A current photo of yourself taken in the last 3 months.
A copy of your passport information section
Your academic transcripts
Two letters of recommendation from your current or previous employers in the
education industry.

Apostilled or notarized B.A and M.A degrees and criminal background checks
(depending on your country of origin).

If you are living in South Korea, then a copy of these documents is sufficient.

Your academic transcripts in a sealed envelope.

A statement of your overall health.

Only qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews.

Prior to the interview, please provide your resume, cover letter, current photograph,
passport copy (info page), and references.

If you haven’t heard from the University one week after
applying and sending your documents you probably were
NOT  chosen for an interview.

If you are interviewed and hired, you will need to provide your apostilled or notarized
diplomas graduation certificates and criminal background check in order for the
University to obtain your working visa.

These documents above will be given back to you once they have been authenticated.
Chinju National University of Education is located in the gorgeous quiet city of Jinju
Korea. Jinju is not far from the much larger southern coastal city of Busan.

Want to know what it costs to live in Jinju? Restaurants, groceries, transportation,
rent, you name it.

The University offers all the benefits and facilities of larger Korean universities but the
student population and campus is small enough to create a warm, friendly and one of a
kind campus culture.

CUE students prepare to become primary school teachers. They are smart, motivated
and talented.

Both students and teachers who are excited about Education get a lot out of their
experience at CUE.

Dance Performance Jinju National University of Education South Korea

Dancers from Jinju National University of Education South Korea

To apply for this teaching position, or if you have questions, please send
your documents to the attention of:

Prof. Kim, Jungsook
Department of English Education
Chinju National University of Education

Email: tchingu@gmail.com
Phone: 82-55-740-1316
Fax: 82-55-740-1310

The official website of Chinju National University of Education

Jinju is located in Gyeonsang province.

The population is over 330,000 people. Jinju is famous for Jinju bibimbap,
which is rice topped with delicious vegetables and sometimes meat.

Jinju is also well know for quality silk processing and bullfighting
competitions. Learn more about Jinju from wikitravel.

Top 10 things to do in Jinju, Korea

What’s it like teaching and living in Jinju? It’s a pretty
city, and smaller but several universities and a good night
life for its size. It’s 90 minutes by bus to Busan or a quick,
cheap flight.

Read more comments about life in Jinju on Reddit.

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Past and Present English Instructors from Chinju National University Korea

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