Teach At Daegu Catholic University

Catholic University Daegu

Daegu Catholic University Hayang Town

Daegu Catholic University (CU) near Daegu City
is hiring for full-time faculty positions starting
March 1st for the spring semester of 2017.

CU is recruiting for faculty to teach “Practical English” at the
Foreign Language Education Centre.

These are one year renewable faculty contracts.

Job Benefits

You will receive 4 months of paid vacation each year in the summer and winter.

A monthly housing allowance of 400,000 is given by the University.

An office on the University campus is included.

You will be enrolled in the Employee Medical Insurance Program for teachers.

The University will pay its portion of employer fees.

You will be enrolled in the pension plan for teachers. The University will also
pay its required portion.

Upon your 2 year contract completion date, if you decide to return home to
your permanent residence, the University will pay for your one way air ticket back.
This is a fixed amount payable to you.

Here’s a map of Daegu City, Korea.

Map of Daegu Korea

Daegu Map South Korea

Learn more about Daegu City at Wikipedia.


The deadline for faculty applications is January 18, 2017 (Korean Local Time).
(Korea Standard Time).


The teaching salary is based on your academic qualifications and
work experience.

Foreign faculty at the University are compensated based on their teaching
background and research conducted throughout their career.

To apply for this teaching position you must be a foreign citizen and have
a Master’s degree or above.

Two years of university or college teaching experience is necessary.

Your two years of university teaching experience must have been received
AFTER you completed your Master’s degree.

You must meet the legal requirements to be employed at a private university
in South Korea.

You must be qualified to teach university courses in the English language.

Here’s the official video of the Catholic University Korea.


The starting salary is 29,400,000 Korean won per year.

If you have a Doctorate degree, the starting salary is 30,000,000 Korean won per

If you do not meet the above qualifications you will be paid less.

According to Korean Tax Law, each month appropriate Korean income taxes will
be deducted from your university salary.

The teaching hours are 12 hours each week. Each semester lasts 16 weeks.

Documents To Submit With Your Application:

Please submit your resume with a cover letter and phone number and email address.

Provide 1 current photo. This is required by the Korean Immigration Office. It must
be 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm in size.

Send copies of all the degrees you’ve obtained.

Submit a photocopy of your passport photo and information page.

Provide copies of all academic transcripts from universities you’ve attended.

Send a copy of your ARC (Alien Registration Card) from Korea, if you have

Provide evidence of your required working experience.

Here are some current and former teachers from Daegu
Catholic University.

Daegu Catholic University Teachers

Teachers: Daegu Catholic University


If you are offered a contract with the Catholic University of Daegu, please send the
below additional documents by January 18, 2017 (Korean Local Time).

Your original university diploma(s).

Your academic transcripts from your final degree.

These transcripts must contain an official University seal and be sealed (unopened).

Proof of your work experience at the college or university level.

You can send your original finalized diploma by February 10, 2017 (Korean local time).

Here’s how to Apply:

Please apply ONLY through email.

Send documents to:

Dr. Yeo, Kyung-Hee

e-mail : yeokh08@cu.ac.kr

Email Your application and documents by January 18, 2017 (Korean Local Time).

Only successful applicants will be contacted by the University.

About the Catholic University of Daegu

The University was formed in 1914.

The University consists of 12 colleges, 13,400 students from 66 areas of study.

Departments include the School of Medicine and Pharmacy and Graduate Schools.


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Be warned that the main campus of this uni is quite a distance from Daegu City.... It's located in Hayang Town. They do have two smaller campuses in Daegu though... Find out where you'll be! If you don't mind being out in the country a bit, it's a scenic campus, cleaner air and relaxed setting.

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I taught at Daegu Catholic University many years ago.. I'd consider it a starter university teaching job... It's not perfect, but I created some friendships with Koreans there. They used to offer summer and winter English camps which were optional. Not sure about now though. The university was strong financially, but weren't generous with teachers' salaries back then.Their 400,000 housing allowance is average.. I've seen some universities offer only 200,000 KRW while others up to 500 or 800 KRW per month.

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