Teach At Hankuk University Of Foreign Studies

Teach At Hankuk University Of Foreign Studies

Students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies South Korea

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Is Hiring For A Global Faculty Full-time Teaching Position.

With The Graduate School of TESOL.

Contract Duration: March 1, 2017 until February 28, 2018

(The agreement may be renewed each year)

HUFS (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Korea

Seoul Korea Map

Teaching Qualifications

This is a Full-time Faculty Position (instructing university level courses in theory and pedagogy)

In order to apply, qualified individuals must meet the accompanying prerequisites:

(1) Should have a Master’s degree (TESOL – related region preferred) and have no less than two years teaching experience at a college or university.

(2) Should have a Ph.D in TESOL – related field, be fluent in English and is considered qualified by the University.

Watch this video (below) to learn about Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Minimum Teaching Hours

The instructor must teach at least eight hours a week.

The instructor must advise students regarding their thesis portfolios.

The instructor must attend the University at least 4 days per week (office or classroom hours).

Contract Renewal Requirements

The instructor must accumulate the minimum of 120 points per year research requirement.

HUFS Faculty Research Grant

Content-based educators with the exception of in Science-related fields are required more than one local (authorize journal) or international general journal or a recognized global scholastic journal at the fifth year of contract renewal.


A number of incentives are offered to professors who research and publish academic journals at the SCI(E) level and above.

Airplane Ticket: One-way plane ticket to Seoul, Korea (economy class for the successful candidate and his/her spouse)

If you are already employed in Korea, you are not eligible for the airfare ticket to Korea.

If, for whatever reason, the professor quits before his/her contract expires, the airfare amount is to be reimbursed to the University.

Lodging: Dormitory for international employees (single/family size accommodation).

Policy When Professor Is Abroad

Foreign faculty members should not travel abroad or return home for more than 1 month at a time.

However, contingent upon the professor’s circumstances, the employee may remain abroad two consecutive months during the four-month vacation period (summer and winter) at his/her judgement.

For example: In an academic year, if an employee remains abroad for two months during the summer vacation period, he or she needs to remain in Korea for the winter break.

When traveling to another country during the semester or school breaks for certain reasons, the employee must submit for an Overseas Travel Permit to the Office of Academic Affairs via the University Intranet.

Connect with current/former English professors from HUFS.

HUFS English Professors

Past and Present English Professors HUFS Korea

Application Documents

Your resume in English (with a current photograph).

Your research publications in English. Provide copies of manuscripts.

Your employment certificate in English or Korean describing your work positions.

Please identify your working positions as part-time lecturer, full-time lecturer (former), assistant professor, associate professor and full professor.

If you worked as a part-time lecturer, your weekly classroom teaching hours should be included on your certificate of employment.

A recommendation letter from the organization which employed you. This letter should be in English or Korean.

A verified photocopy of your BA, MA, or Ph.D degrees.

Application Submission Deadline

All the required documents must be submitted to Graduate School Administration Team 2 (Graduate School of TESOL) between November 10 to November 16, 2016.

How To Submit Your Application and Documents

Your documents can be submitted through E-mail, Mail or face to face.

Mailing Address:

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Graduate School of TESOL
107 Imun-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Postal Code:130-791)

If you visit in person:

Go to:

Graduate School Administration Team 2, Graduate School Building room#111, Seoul Campus

To submit by email: Please send all documentation to: kayshine@hufs.ac.kr

If you have questions about document submission and the application process, please contact the University office at:

Tel: +82-2-2173-3522

Fax: +82-2-2173-3358

Email: Ms. Keehye SHIN (kayshine@hufs.ac.kr)

Website: http://tesolgs.hufs.ac.kr

*To ask about the course curriculum and teaching environment, please contact the Vice Dean, Dr. Hyun Jung KIM at: hkim@hufs.ac.kr

Here’s a map with directions and street views to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea.

Here are directions by subway to HUFS.

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