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University Position: Full-time Foreign Professor – Kaya University, Gimhae, Korea

Kaya University 

Kaya University is currently seeking a qualified, experienced full-time foreign professor for its Gimhae campus. We’re adjacent to Busan, the 2nd largest city in Korea. New on-campus housing is provided and is close to amenities and conveniences. Gimhae has an international airport and great transportation to all major cities.

Job Title: English Professor, E-1
Employment Level: Non-Tenure

Only those with the following qualification will be considered.
1. PhD degree
2. Master’s degree + two years of full time college-level teaching experience
3. Bachelor’s degree + four years of full time college-level teaching experience
(Part-time teaching and lifelong education classes will not be considered)

Class at Kaya university Gimhae Korea

Job description
1. Position: Full-time Foreign Professor (teaching English Conversation and Writing)
2. Contract Period: 1 year starting April 1st 2017(renewable)
3. Teaching 15 hours per week
4. Teaching one summer session (may be required)

Salary and Benefits
1. Wages: 2,100,000 KRW per month
(pay increase of 100,000 Korean won starting on the second year and the fourth year of employment)
2. Overtime pay for teaching over 15 hours per week.
2. Paid Vacation: 8 weeks per year
3. Housing: furnished, internet ready, new studio on-campus
(Housing allowance of 300,000 KRW per month for off-campus housing)
4. Shared Office with desk, phone and personal desktop PC.
5. Teacher’s pension: 50%
6. Medical insurance: 60%
7. Airfare for visa and hotel: 500,000 KRW


1. Resume and cover letter (recent photo with phone number and e-mail address)
2. Copies of highest degree
3. Copy of certificates (e.g., teaching licenses, TESOL etc.)
3. Copy of passport and ARC
4. Two letters of reference

Closing Date: Until filled

Successful applicants will be called for a personal interview. No Skype interviews will be considered. Due to the volume of applications received, we may not be able to respond to everyone.

To apply for this position, please e-mail application documents to: kaya3@kaya.ac.kr
or send to:

Ms. Jeong, hyon-Jeong
Recruiting Office
English Education Center
Kaya University
208 SamGyeRo
GimHae, South Korea 621-748

Here’s a video tour of the city of Gimhae if you’re unfamiliar with this part of Korea.

Here’s a link to Kaya University’s Facebook Page 

Here’s a map to Kaya university on Google Maps 


The job below was originally posted on November 13, 2016

Kaya University) Gimhae, Korea – Kaya University is recruiting for full time foreign professors to teach at the campus in Gimhae. Gimhae is nearby Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea.

This position is for an English professor. The classification is an E-1 level, Non Tenure.

To qualify, you should have a PhD degree or a Master’s degree with 2 years of full time teaching experience at colleges.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree you will require 4 years of full time college level teaching experience. The university does not consider part time teaching or current education courses you are taking as part of the 4 year teaching requirement.

This is a professor’s role and you will work full time teaching English conversation and writing classes.

The position begins in the fall of 2016 and it’s a 1 year contract which is renewable upon contract completion.

You will teach 15 hours each week.

You may be asked to teach one summer session by the university.

The teaching salary is 2.1 Million Korean Won per month. If you renew the contract for a second year, you will receive a wage increase of 100,000 Korean won and also on year four of your employment.

If you teach more than 15 hours each week, you will receive overtime pay.

A paid vacation of 8 weeks each year is offered.

The university will provide you with furnished accommodation with Internet access. This is a new studio apartment right on campus.

If you stay off-campus, you will receive a housing subsidy of 300,000 Korean Won per month.

Your office at the university will be shared and equipped with a personal computer, phone, and workstation.

The university provides a pension which is a 50% contribution. Medical insurance is a 60% contribution.

A 500,000 KRW payment will be given for airfare to cover your visa and hotel.

To apply, submit the following documents:

  • Your resume and cover letter. It must include a recent photograph, email address and telephone number.
  • Photocopies of your highest university degree(s) obtained
  • Copies of your teaching certificates/licenses such as TEFL, TESOL, etc.
  • A copy of your passport and Alien Registration Card in Korea.
  • You must also include two reference letters.

The closing date for this teaching position is until filled.

If you are chosen from the applicants, you will be contacted for an interview. The interview will be face to face.

Since there will be many applications, the university can only contact shortlisted candidates.

Please submit your email application and documents to:


If you prefer to post them by regular mail, send to:

Ms. Jeong, hyon-Jeong
Kaya University Recruiting Office
English Education Center
208 SamGyeRo 
GimHae, South Korea 621-748

More About Kaya University and Gimhae


About Kaya University

Kaya University opened in 1993. It is a mid-sized university in Goryeong-gun The city of Goryeong has a population of 10K to 49K people. Kaya University students can obtain bachelor’s degrees in man courses of study. This post secondary institution has a library, housing, and administrative offices. It is accredited by the Korean Ministry of Education.

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