Teach At Ulsan University

Teach At Ulsan University

Campus at the University of Ulsan

Students on the front lawn of the University of Ulsan Campus

The University of Ulsan is hiring instructors as a
Non-tenure faculty member in the English Language
and Literature Department.

These teaching positions start in March, 2017.

Here’s a map of Ulsan, Korea

Map to Ulsan Korea

Ulsan Map (red)

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About the University

The University of Ulsan is a long-established, post secondary institution in
Ulsan, Korea.

It receives funding from Hyundai Heavy Industries company.

The goal of the University of Ulsan is to offer a global education to students
who will become experts and international leaders who will help drive the
economies of Ulsan and South Korea.

Watch this video about the University of Ulsan.

Teaching Qualifications

To qualify, you will need a Master’s degree or Ph.D in English Language and Literature,

English Education, TESOL, or a relevant major.

Classes taught will be in Communication & Debate and

You must be a foreign national qualified to teach courses in English.

The University prefers instructors who hold Ph.Ds and college level teaching

Ulsan University International Students

Foreign students attending Ulsan University

Job Duties

The teaching schedule during the semester is 9-12 hours per week.

Additional duties include office hours and taking part in events sponsored by your

Contract Conditions & Benefits

This is a 12 month teaching contract. There is a renewal option depending on faculty

You will receive accommodation in a fully furnished 1
bedroom apartment if you are a single teacher.

If you are married and/or have a family the University
will provide a 2 bedroom apartment.

Apartment photos can be viewed at this webpage

The University will provide health insurance and a pension plan.

If you teach overtime you will be paid for additional hours taught.

If you conduct research and publish articles in Korean and global journals you will
receive compensation.

Ulsan City Korea

Night sets in the City of Ulsan

The Application Process

To apply for this teaching position please visit the web page below and follow the
directions carefully.

Visit the application web page.

Download the application form, complete it and then upload your application file and
supporting documents.

Documents must be uploaded as a .doc file after you have filled them out.

Please upload your resume as a PDF file (.pdf) or DOC file (.doc).

Be sure to included your email address, education, career experience, and full list of
research documents and other relevant application information.

Upload your diploma(s) and transcripts for each degree you have obtained as
PDF files (.pdf). These should include your BA, MA and Ph.D diplomas.

Also include your career certificates as PDF files (.pdf).

Submit a copy of your passport and Korean registration card (Alien Registration Card).

Submit copies of publications you have written as well as syllabi of college courses
you have already taught, if you have taught them.

This application process started on November 3, 2016.

The deadline for applications is November 17, 2016.

Please note that the University will only contact the most qualified applicants for

Final applicants must hand over their original copies of the documents described
above and other associated documents. For example, Ph.D dissertation, career
certifications and such.

Questions About This Position

Please read carefully the information described in the “Application Process”
verbiage above.

The NEXT step is to complete the Application section.

Please download and fill in the application form and submit all required

These include:

  • Your resume
  • Your diplomas
  • Your academic transcripts
  • Your career certifications

Please DO NOT send your documents to the Department Chair (below)

As an applicant you must register on the university employment website.


The email address below is for QUESTIONS only,
NOT for the application.

DO NOT send applications and documents to the
chairperson. They are NOT considered official.

If you end up sending your application and documents to the chairperson, you
will still need to complete the application process and document submission

Inquiries for this position should be directed to:

How to Apply
– Please visit the application website below and follow the directions to the website to apply.
– All applicants for this position should download and submit the required documents below.
– Application Website: http://global.ulsan.ac.kr/recu/Invitation/index_m.html

Contact Information
Prof. Dong-Young Kim, Ph.D.
Email : kdyonly@gmail.com
Fax : 82-52-259-1702

For further details, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.
– Email : hylee@ulsan.ac.kr
– Phone : 82-52-259-1007

Here’s a map with directions to the University of Ulsan.

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