Teach At Woosong University In Daejeon South Korea

Gate Woosong University Daejeon South Korea

Entrance to Woosong University in Daejeon Korea

Teach At Woosong University In Daejeon South Korea

Woosong University In Daejon, Korea Has Teaching Jobs
Available Beginning in March 2017.

The job title is Assistant Professor of English as a Foreign Language.

These are non-tenure track EFL professor positions.

Woosong University employers a significant number of foreign English teachers.

There are approximately 130 staff teaching in the English program, currently.

Teacher Salary

The starting salary for the assistant professor positions ranges between 2.7 million
to 3.5 million Korean won per month.

What You’ll Be Teaching

You’ll be a General English Language Professor (GEL).

You’ll teach English as a foreign language. Some of these classes will be credited
for students and some will be non-credited.

You’ll teach 20 hours per week.

You’ll have 4 office hours per week and 2 hours bi-weekly for professional

The teaching schedule is Monday to Friday. Classes will take place in the mornings,
afternoons and evenings.

However, the majority of English classes you’ll teach will be in the morning to

Teacher Benefits

Here’s what you’ll get:

You’ll receive 6 weeks of paid vacation per year.

Housing – If you’re a single teacher you’ll receive a housing allowance of 400,000
KRW per month

If you require housing there is partially furnished apartment near the campus. This is
single accommodation. This apartment is subject to availability.

University of Woosong Daejeon South Korea

Campus of Woosong University

If you are married and/or have a family, the university DOES NOT provide partially
furnished accommodation. Instead a housing allowance of 500,000 KRW per month
is given.

If both married teachers are teaching for Woosong, then two housing subsidies are
offered for a total of 800,000 KRW per month.

Note: If you receive a housing subsidy you WILL NOT receive key money or deposit
for your apartment rental.

Woonsong does not provide any types of loans or cash advancements such as key
money to staff.

If you are hired from a country outside of Korea you will be paid a 40,000 relocation
allowance each day for up to one week (7 days) This is to be paid on your first pay check.

You are eligible to receive a contract bonus equal to one month’s salary once you
complete a second year’s contract and subsequent years.

Additional Benefits

You will be entitled to complimentary Korean language classes.

You will have the opportunity to join a mentoring program for teachers who have
never lived or worked in Korea or Woosong University.

You’ll be enrolled in a health and dental program as part of Korean’s national health

The amount you’ll pay for the plan is 3.5% of your monthly teaching salary.

Employees at Woosong can take advantage of business discounts from restaurants,
vehicle repair, fitness centre memberships and swimming pools (indoors)

Here’s a 3rd party video of a typical English class at Woosong University. It gives
you an idea of the class atmosphere and the student and teacher rapport.

Qualifications Needed

You must be qualified for an E2 visa in Korea

This means you’ll need to be an English speaker from America, Canada, the UK,
Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

You’ll need a MA degree in English, Education, Linguistics). These majors are

You must have at least a couple of years teaching experience after completion of your
Master’s degree. This experience must be proven.

A PhD in English, Education or Linguistics is preferred.

Teaching Experience

You’ll need experience teaching English at either a corporation, college or university.

Teaching experience at a private language school will not be considered.

If you’ve taught at a primary or secondary school in your home country or a country
outside of Korea then this experience will be considered.

The above teaching experience will have to have been acquired after you completed
your Master’s degree.

Teaching experience must be proven. This can be through employment records,
references or employment certificates.

If you speak both Korean and English as a GEL professor and can translate and
interpret between both languages, there is an opportunity to take on more duties
at the university.

Such administrative duties are 24 hours each week less actual teaching hours.

Teaching hours vary between 4 to 16 hours per week.

Here’s a campus map of Woosong University (in English)

Woosong University Daejeon Campus map

Campus Map

Contract Duration

This is a one year contract commencing in December 2016 or March, 2017.

Teachers who perform well in the classroom and meet the universities
expectations will be offered teaching contracts for additional years.

As an instructor for the Woosong Educational Foundation you will be part of
Woonsung University, Woosong Infromation College, WooSong Language
School and SolBridge International School of Business.

How to Apply

Please forward your resume, cover letter and copy of your passport information
page and proof of teaching experience to the Woosong Hiring Committee.

The email address is hiring@woosong.org

In the subject line of your email, please indicate your full name, highest
university degree completed and number of years of teaching experience.

For example:

David Smith, MA Education, 3 years of experience

Once the hiring committee receives your application and reviews it, your
profile will get passed to the interview stage.

The University receives a high volume of applications so the school may not
be able to follow-up with each applicant. Thanks for your understanding.

If you pass the initial applicant screening and interviews, you’ll be required
to submit further documentation.

If you do not provide the necessary paperwork in time, you could be
disqualified from the application process.

Before Your Visa Application

Provide the following documents:

Your resume
An apostille of your highest degree. For example, an MA or PhD delivered
directly to Woosong University.

2 apostilles of your criminal records check from your home country’s national
police. This could be the FBI, RCMP, Scotland Yard check depending on your
country of origin.

A medical check up
10 pictures of yourself. Photos must be 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size or passport style.

Teaching licenses, TESOL certificates, etc. Please provide copies.

A copy of your passport.

Transcripts from your university degrees completed. For example, BA, MA
and PhD.

Proof of work experience with specific dates employed with your employers
and a signature on an official letterhead. Letters must also have a date on them.

If you are living in Korea at time of application, then you must provide a
Korean criminal background check.

After Your Visa Application

Provide original (sealed) transcripts from the college or university in which
you graduated with a BA, MA, or PhD.

Complete a health check up when you arrive.

If you are from a country that qualifies for a tax exemption, you must provide
your certificate of residency no later than 3 months after coming to Korea.

You must provide a criminal background check, medical check and original

Your health report will be done in Korea. You will be tested for TB, HIV,
Hepatitis and tested for drug usage. Drugs you will be tested for include
opiates and tetrahydrocannabinol, and others.

How To Find Woosong University

Dajeon is shaded in red on the Wikipedia map. Click on the map to
learn more about the city of Dajeon.

Wikipedia Map Daejeon South Korea

Daejeon Map (Wikipedia)

Take a 10 minute taxi ride of walk 30 minutes from downtown Daejeon.

The university is between the bus terminal and train station.

Walk 15 minutes from Woosong University or take a 5 minute bus ride
to the Woosong subway station.

From Seoul, Daejeon is a 1 hour bus ride.

From Busan, Daejeon is a 2 hour bus ride.

Daejeon is less expensive to live in than Busan or Seoul. It’s the fifth
largest Korean city.

Here’s a 3rd party video of a Daejeon city tour.

To learn more visit the Woosong university website at: http//www.woosong.org/wli

Contact Information
Woosong Hiring Committee
Email: hiring@woosong.org

Mailing Address
Hiring Coordinator
Woosong University Language Institute
196-5 Jayang Dong, Dong Gu
Daejon, South Korea 34514

Woonsong University offers employee discounts if you’d
like to join a graduate degree programs in any of the following

M.A TESOL – MALL (Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning)
MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

All classes are instructed in English.

Leave a Review of Woosong University Korea

Here are some of the English instructors (current and former) from
Woosong University.

Woosong University Teachers

Instructors at Woosong University

3 5 1
24 working hours per week seems a little high for a university. A hagwon contract is 30 hours per week or 120 hours per month of classroom hours.

4 5 1
I enjoyed teaching freshmen students there. There are last minute class scheduling changes which teachers have little control over.

4 5 1
Sent my resume and docs by email. I interviewed at Woosong University. I had 2 interviews done on Skype, the first had three people on the call, the second had a panel of 5 people... Hiring process took 3 weeks....

Current or Former Employee?
Recruiter/School Rating
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