Teach At Yonsei University In Wonju Korea

Teach At Yonsei University In Wonju Korea

Wonju Yonsei Unversity

Campus by the Lake at Yonsei University Wonju

Yonsei University in Wonju Is Now Accepting
Applications for Instructors for March 1, 2017.

The campus is located in Gangwon Province.

Wonju South Korea

Map of Wonju Korea (red)

Download the online application.

If you have technical issues downloading the application form, contact Dr.
Park. He will email you the application. Applications must be sent to Dr. Park.

Dr. Park’s email address is: drmspark57@daum.net

Application Instructions

1. Download and fill out the application form. Save the MS Word application
document to your computer.

2. Send the MS Word application form as well as your resume/CV to Dr.
Park. Please only submit these 2 documents. Nothing else is required.

3. If you are later contacted for an interview, you will be asked to send
additional documents. Please ensure you send fully completed applications.

If an incomplete application form is submitted it will not be accepted.

The application deadline for this job is Monday,
November, 21, 2016, Korea Standard Time.

Short listed candidates will be chose for an interview and contacted
by email or phone.

Interviews commence on November 26th 2016
(Korea Standard Time).

The positions start in March 2017.

If you are not living in Korea a web cam interview is possible. If you are
shortlisted for an interview but cannot do it on November 26th, 2016,
then another day is possible.

Watch this informational video about Yonsei University in Wonju

About The Position

This is an instructor position.

The teaching contract is from March 1, 2017 until February 28, 2018.

You will teach 18 classroom hours per week in three
hour teaching blocks.

Courses will be listening, speaking and writing.


The monthly teaching salary is 2.8 M Korean Won per month if you have a Master’s
degree and a TESOL Certificate with more than 1 year of ESL/EFL teaching experience.

If you have a Master’s degree with more than 1 year of ESL/EFL teaching experience
you will receive 2.7 M Korean Won per month.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and a TESOL Certificate with more than one year of
ESL/EFL teaching experience you will receive 2.6 M Korean Won per month.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree with more than 1 year of ESL EFL teaching experience
you will receive 2.5 M Korean Won per month.

About The Job

The chosen candidate(s) will teach university credit classes 18 hours per week.

Overtime of up to 3 hours per week may be required. The pay rate for teaching
above 18 hours per week is 30,000 KRW per hour.

Instructors at the University teach 4 semesters. Spring and Fall terms are 16 weeks
followed by shorter 5 week winter and summer semesters.

Position Start Date And Orientation

This teaching position starts March 1, 2017.

You will be required to attend a 2 day teacher training/orientation workshop.

This will take place in the last week of February, 2017. Orientation is mandatory.


The University will provide a rent-free furnished 1
bedroom apartment for a single teacher off campus.

Here’s a map with directions to Yonsei University in Wonju.

Yonsei University Wonju Stadium

Yonsei University Sporting Event

More Benefits

Instructor(s) will be eligible to receive the following benefits:

A round trip airplane ticket reimbursed at 50% or a one way airplane ticket reimbursed
at 100% if you are from a country outside of Asia.

The ticket reimbursement will be paid in South Korean Won currency once you complete
your 1 year teaching contract at the University.

If you are within SouthEast Asia, the University will reimburse you for up to 500,000
KRW for a return airplane ticket once you finish your 1 year teaching contract at the
University. This airplane ticket could cover the cost of a visa run in order to legally
work at the University in Korea.

You will receive a reimbursement for transfer free if you are required to transfer your visa.

You will be enrolled in the National Pension Service with monthly payments shared
between you (instructor) and the University.

To apply please submit ONLY the following documents:

1. Application
2. Resume or CV copy (current)

If you are selected for an interview you will need to bring these documents
with you to 
the interview.

1. A photocopy of your university degree. Your degree MUST be verified.
2. Two copies of your resume/CV.
3. Two recommendation letters.
4. A prepared lesson plan from a unit in the University’s textbook , which you will be
given if selected for an interview.

Successful candidates MUST SUBMIT all of the documents below within a
week of 
being given a job offer by the University.

1. Your original university degree. This must be verified by the apostille agreement
(for partner countries) or by a Korean embassy or consulate overseas (for non-apostille
partner countries).

2. Your university transcripts. These must be mailed directly to the University from
your university.

3. Two copies of your resume or CV

4. Two letters of recommendation

5. Three passport photos

6. A Letter of Release (LOR) if you are currently working in Korea.

7. Official employment record if you are working in Korea. Written in the Korean

8. A criminal background check verified by the apostille agreement (for partner
countries) or by a Korean embassy or consulate overseas (for non-apostille partner

Yonsei Wonju Campus Life

Yonsei University Wonju Campus Hallway.

Application Deadline

You MUST submit your application by Monday, November
21, 2016 at 11:00 pm (23:00) (Korean Standard Time).

If you would like to apply, but experience difficulties downloading the MS Word online
application, please contact or submit your questions to the Associate Dean, Dr. Park.

His email address is: drmspark57@daum.net

His phone number is: 033-760-5081

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