Teach EFL At Chenggong University of Finance and Economics

Teachers Needed in Zhengzhou Chenggong University of Finance and Economics, Henan—The Best Place to Enjoy Traditional Chinese Cultures

Chenggong College is a private University. The College is located in Gongyi – which is a satellite of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan. The College has over 19,000 students and delivers a range of degree programs related to English, Tourism, International Trade, Computing Science and the Financial Service industry. The college was founded in 2004 and has grown steadily across the past 13 years and has become an important part of the local and provincial economy.

English plays a key part in the Chinese education system, every high school student must sit examinations relating to English and College students must sit a language test before they can graduate. English Major students, and those students studying Tourism, Business English and Translation have to attain much higher standards of written and spoken English as part of their studies. To help all of these different students, Chenggong College employs 18 teachers from English Speaking countries. We are interested in attracting new teachers who have the academic knowledge, professional experience and enthusiasm necessary to help our students achieve success.

Job Description 
Delivering oral English classes to a range of 1st and 2nd year students from across the college, helping them to improve their listening and speaking skills in preparation for major examinations. Teachers will be expected to develop their own lessons based around the framework contained within supplied textbooks. In addition, teachers will write and conduct examinations twice a semester in line with the College’s regulations.

In addition to teaching duties, successful applicants will be expected to make themselves available for an additional two hour every week for general speaking practice at ‘English corner’ events.

The contract for this job will last for 11 months in the first instance. If subsequently renewed, the term of contract will be extended to 12 months.
Summary of duties: 
1. 18 hours of classes per week across two 19 week semesters. 
2. 2 hours of additional related activities per week. 
3. Management of course outlines, lesson plans, examinations scripts and attendance records.

1. Monthly salary of 6500RMB to 8500RMB (depending on qualifications and experience).* 
2. A ‘travel allowance’ of 2000RMB, paid during the ‘Spring Festival’ period. 
3. One round trip air ticket up to the value of 15,000RMB per contract period 
4. Up to six weeks of holiday during the ‘Spring Festival’ in January and February, this holiday will be paid. 

Teachers will be entitled to all holidays normally observed in China. 
6. Teachers will also be entitled to 2 holidays particular to their religion or nation. 
7. All teachers will be supplied with a 2 bedroom flat on-campus: electricity, internet and filtered drinking water are supplied without charge. All flats come with basic cooking facilities, white goods, furniture, bed linen and a desktop computer.

* The cost of living in this area is such that many of our teachers are able to save between a third and half of their salary every month whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.
Person Specification: 
This role would suit an enthusiastic graduate who wants to develop their teaching experience in a challenging but rewarding role. Successful applicants will have a good academic background, be accessible, helpful and confident enough to manage large classes effectively.

Summary of qualifications, experience and skills: 
1. A 2:2 or above in an Arts subject – preference will be given to graduates of Linguistics, Language, Literature or History. Candidates who hold an MA or MEd will be offered a higher starting salary. 
2. At least one year of related work experience. Preference will be given to candidates who have previous experience in teaching, education, administration and the fields of culture and the arts. 
3. Successful candidates will be confident enough to manage large classes of students, some of whom will be focused on learning English to pass examinations rather than through spontaneous personal motivation. 
4. Successful candidates will be professionals – comfortable living and working in a campus community in which they will be highly visible.

Knowledge of the Chinese language is not necessary, but successful applicants will be interested in learning about new cultures and ready to meet the challenge of living and working overseas.
Visa Requirements: 
Successful applicants will be provided with a visa, which will enable them to work and live in China legally. There are a number of requirements stipulated by the Foreign Expert Bureau of China in relation to this visa. In addition to the general requirements noted above, candidates must also be: 
1. Citizens of a country in which English is a native language. 
2. Between the ages of 22 and 55. 
3. Physically sound: capable of passing a basic medical screening.

How to Apply: 
1. Please send your full CV, 
2. The first page of your Passport, 
3. Your degree and/or TESOL or TEFL certificate via Email or fax them to us . 
4. To chenggongfao@hotmail.com
5. Phone number: +86 (0)371 64562816( Julie & Jessie, the secretary of FAO)
Fax number : +86 (0)371 64561276

Should you have any questions about this job, or what it is like to live in this part of China, please do get in touch using the same e-mail address noted above. Contact details of current teachers can also be supplied on request.

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