Teach English At Chonnam National University Korea

Teach English At Chonnam National University Korea

Chonnam National University South Korea

Chonnam National University

Chonnam National University Language Education Center In
Gwangu Is hiring English Instructors to start on January 2, 2017.

This English teaching position is at the main Gwangju campus.

Gwangju campus has many amenities since it ranks as one of the largest university
campuses in Korea.

In order to apply, for these teaching positions, you will need relevant documents if you
are applying as an E2 visa applicant or F-2 or F6 visa applicant.

The University is hiring is hiring for January 2017, but is also considering applicants
for the spring of 2017. However, hiring forJanuary 2017 is the priority.

A map of Gwangju Korea, where Chonnam National University is located.

Map Gwangju

Map of Gwangju

Learn more about Gwangju from Wikipedia.

Qualifications You’ll Need

You should have a Master’s degree in one of the following subjects:

TESOL, Applied Linguistics, Education, or a relevant  major.

You should have university level teaching experience.

If you’ve taught writing classes and/or advanced English conversation at
the tertiary level, you will be given preference.

Instructors are needed for Credit and/or Elective courses to be taught to students
and university employees), specific courses, for students and possibly civil
servants as well as Teacher Training class sessions.

The Teacher Training Programs are sponsored by the Korean Education

Schedule & Pay

This is a 12 month contract. Classes begin on January 2, 2017.

You will teach at the University 20 hours per week.

The salary ranges from 2,071,000 KRW to 2,256,000 KRW based on
qualifications like your education and experience.

If you teach overtime you will receive an hourly rate of 25,000 to 50,000
KRW per hour. This is dependent upon which classes you teach.

For example, if you teach a Teacher Training or Writing class, your overtime
rate would be double per annum.

Here’s an official video tour of  Chonnam National University.

More Benefits

The University will provide you with a two bedroom partially furnished apartment
on the university campus.

If you do not require housing, you will receive a housing allowance.

You will receive 8-10 vacation weeks per contract year.

When you arrive at the University you will be given 1 million KRW after you provide
evidence that you traveled to Korea from abroad.

Proof of this could be in the form of a receipt.

If you are already in country (Korea), you do not qualify for the 1 million KRW overseas
travel reimbursement.

You will be paid 300,000 KRW as a settlement allowance one month after working at
the University.

Once you complete a 12 month contract teaching at the University, you will be given
a severance package by CNU.

If you extend your contract for an additional year, you qualify for a 1 month contract
renewal bonus.

You will qualify and receive Korean national health insurance which will be paid by
CNU at 50%. You are responsible for the remaining 50%.

Here some current and former teachers who’ve worked at Chonnam
National University.

Chonnam National University Korea

Past and Current Teachers at Chonnam National University

Application Documents  Needed

Please your resume/CV and a cover letter.

Scan and send copies of all university diplomas.

Send copies of your academic transcripts.

Send copies of any teaching certificates you hold such as TESOL, TEFL, CELTA
or other relevant documents.

CNU also requires a copy of your up to date passport photo page.

If you are currently working and living in Korea a copy of your ARC
(Alien Registration Card) is needed.

Please send a recent photo of yourself.

Send at least 1 letter of reference.

Provide scans of Apostilled Degree(s) and your Criminal Record Check.

If these are not available yet (due to being currently in progress), please send
later during the application stage.

Please send your resume, cover letter, documents, and photo by email.

If you need to send them by post mail, this is acceptable.

Please note, that CNU will only be contacting applicants who are granted

The deadline for applications is Friday, October 28th (Korea Standard Time).

Interviews will be held in Gwangju towards the end of October and November.

Note: Interviews will be held on Saturdays.

If you DO NOT live in Korea CNU will schedule a phone interview with you
during October and November.

Please make sure your CBC (criminal background check) and Apostille processing
of your documents are completed or close to completion for your application.

If you already have your application documents in order and your CBC and
Apostille are current, and you already work in Korea, you will need a work visa transfer only.

If CNU hires you, expect to arrive in Korea and be at the University by December 30, 2016

You will need to get settled in to your accommodations, familiarize yourself with the
campus, complete paperwork, and be ready for an orientation session to be
held over that weekend.

Please send your application and documents to:

Mr. Philip King (Hiring Manager)
Email: lec.cnu.hires@gmail.com

If you prefer regular post mail:

Mr. Philip King (Hiring Manager)

Language Education Center
Chonnam National University
77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-Gu
Gwangju 61186
South Korea

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I've taught at Chonnam for more than 3 years. You can save up a nice bit of your income because you're in a smaller Korean city (compared to Busan or Seoul) and you won't spend much... Gwagju is the 6th largest city in Korea with about 1.4 million people...But, you'll still to escape to Busan or up to Seoul or you'll feel isolated. At least I did. Average pay.

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