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Daegu University is seeking a full-time Associate

Daegu University is a private post secondary institution located
about 40 minutes outside of Daegu.

The University is hiring for the spring semester which starts on March 1,

This teaching position is in the Department of Division of Creative Integrated General

Associate professors will teach English conversation classes and counsel college
students at the University language clinics.

For most of your classes, you’ll teach English conversation classes or TOEIC classes.

TOEIC stands for the Test Of English For International Communication.

You will also spend time working in the language clinics.

You will teach 12 classroom hours each week. This includes
9-10 actual teaching hours with 2-3 counselling hours at the
University language clinic.

Some staff meetings and other teaching related duties are required.

The University also offers in between semester programs which include institute style
English classes and adult intensive courses.

Of course, any teaching work done between semesters will be paid at an overtime rate.

However, there are minimal over time teaching opportunities between semesters.

Learn about the city of Daegu about 40 minutes from Daegu University from Wikipedia.

Watch a video to learn more about Daegu University.

Status of Application

In order to apply, you must meet several qualifications based on your teaching
experience and academic credentials.

Daegu University will continue to accept applicant documents until these teaching jobs
have been filled.

Please do not apply unless you can meet the below qualifications. Only qualified
candidates will be selected for interviews.

Preference will be made to candidates who live in Korea, can attend a face to face
interview at Daegu University, and willing to live off of the University campus.

In other words, they do not depend on Daegu University for accommodations.

Here’s a Google map to Daegu University which includes directions, street view and
points of interest.

Teaching Qualifications & Salary Scale (Minimum)

A Bachelor’s Degree in any major with at least 4+ years of university teaching experience.

If you have a BA and 4+ years of teaching experience you will receive 26,000,000
KRW(~1.8 million per month after deductions)

A Master’s Degree in any major with at least 2+ years of university teaching

If you have a Master’s Degree and 2+ years of teaching experience you will receive 28,000,000
(~2.0 million per month after deductions)

A Ph.D Degree

If you have a Ph.D you will earn 31,000,000 KRW (~2.3 million per month after deductions)

If you renew for a second contract year with Daegu University you will receive 1,000,000

This teaching contract is valid for 1 year, starting March 1, 2017. It is renewable upon

Want to know what the cost of living is in Daegu?

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Job Benefits

Fully furnished housing for an individual teacher is available, however vacancies are
limited. A housing allowance of 400,000 KRW per month is offered if you don’t require
housing on campus.

You will receive a 1,000,000 KRW travel allowance to be paid once you complete 1 full
year at the University.

Vacation time is a generous 16 weeks per year. This consists
of 8 weeks of summer and 8 weeks of winter vacation.

You will participate in the Korean private teacher’s pension plan program.

Qualification Exceptions

If you have teaching experience in Korea at a language institute or public school this
experience will be recognized as follows:

1 year of teaching experience at a public school (outside of Korea) is the
equivalent of 6 months teaching at a university.

For example, if you taught 4 years at a public school in the US, then that equates to
only 2 years of university teaching experience. This means you would only qualify for
a teaching role at Daegu University, provided you have a Master’s degree.

Daegu University Open House Day

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How To Apply

Get started by clicking on the Faculty Employment Application link.

Submit the following documents:

  • Your resume
  • Your university transcripts
  • A copy of your passport photo page.
  • A copy of your diploma(s) and certification(s)
  • A copy of your ARC Card. This is your alien registration card, if you are currently
  • living and working in South Korea.
  • Any certificates of current or past employment from your employers. These
  • needed to be provided before being granted an interview.
  • An apostilled copy of your diploma. This is mandated if you are offered a job
  • at the University.
  • An apostilled copy of a national criminal background check if you are offered
  • a job at the University.

Please send your application by email (preferred) to:


Please send your application by post to:

Patrick Travers
Head Professor of the English Faculty/Daegu University
Daegu University Ro 201, Jinryang-eup
Gyeongsan-shi, Gyeongbuk-do
KOREA 38453

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video below.

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