Teach English At Hankyong National University

Special Recruitment of Foreign Professor for Hankyong National University in Anseong

Number of Openings and Field

Work at: Department of English
Field: English Speaking / Writing
Openings: 2
Appointment Date: March 1, 2017
Appointment Period: 1 year from appointment date

1. Not disqualifications, as specified under Public Official Law, section 33
2. As a holder of a master’s degree or higher, the major is irrelevant
3. Under the age of 65
4. A foreigner who is versed in English as a mother language
5. Work and research experience of education more than 4 years

Required documents
1. Completed application our form(If you request by email, we will send you our format.)
2. Personal Statement and future activity plan (If you request by email, we will send you our format.)
3. Diplomas and transcripts of M.S and Ph.D.
4. Certificates of work experience (Not accepted if related documents are not submitted)
5. A passport copy
6. Personal information collection agreement
7. Notice
– Fill out and submit the application and personal statement on the ourform
– In case of submitting the documents by email, scanning all other documents except the application and personal statement
– Submit original documents after you are selected by candidates for interview

IV. Application deadline and address
1. Application Period: 18 January, 2017 ~ 20 January, 2017 18:00 (Korean Time)
2. How to apply: by visit or email (hknu02@hknu.ac.kr)
No application documents will be accepted after the period.
3. A visit receipt place: Office of Academy Affairs, Hankyong National University(Address: 327Jungang-ro, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17579)

V. Notice for applicants
1. Those who apply this recruitment should be aware of the notification and guideline. And the details not included in the notification follow the university personnel regulation and guideline.
2. Submitted documents will not be returned. The university reserves the right to terminate any appointment of applicants who have willingly falsified his or her application documents and/or have not sufficiently filled the appointment criteria.
3. For additional information please contact the Office of Academic Affairs or Department of English of Hankyong National University.

Inquiry: – Office of Academy Affairs of HKNU 031) 670 –5027
Department of English  (031) 670 –5310

Map to the University

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