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POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) 

POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) English Instructor Position Opening from Spring Semester 2017

POSTECH, a renowned university of science and technology, Pohang, Korea, seeks a qualified and highly motivated full-time English lecturer in the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. POSTECH admits a small but very select number of high school graduates and supports them by providing an environment ideally suited to learning with a low student/faculty ratio. The university has been ranked as the best university in Korea and the 28th in the TIMES world university rankings, Harvard being the first.

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(1) Requirements and qualifications

● Native speaker of English who currently lives in Korea
● Master’s degree is required
● Ph.D degree is preferred
● Editing experience preferred
● Minimum one year of teaching experience at the university level is required

(2) Main duties and responsibilities

● Teaching 15 hours per week every semester. The classes will be split between freshmen classes and elective classes for upperclassmen.

● The 15 hours include teaching at least two POSLEC (POSTECH Language Education Center) courses every session.
● During intensive five-week summer and winter semesters, teaching two credit classes, two hours a day per class, five days a week, for a total of 20 hours a week.
● Cooperating with the faculty members of POSTECH.

(3) Salary and benefits

● The monthly salary is 3,138,461 won before tax. Including overtime pay for teaching non-credit Language Center courses and additional classes.

during the five-week intensive summer and winter semesters, the total salary will reach at least 50,000,000 won in the first year.
● A three bedroom unfurnished apartment will be provided. The instructor is responsible for utility bills and paying the equivalent rent.
● An office shared with another instructor, a phone, a computer will be provided.
● Social insurances(national pension, national health insurance, employment insurance, long-term care) will be provided.

(4) Contract Conditions
● Annual contract renewal: beginning February 16th, 2017 and ending in February 15th, 2018

● To a qualified instructor, POSTECH offers a renewal contract based on the evaluations of the first year. The annual salary will be 69,000,000 won with 25 hours a week duty throughout the year.

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(5) Required Documents
(Incomplete documents will NOT be accepted)

1. Cover letter
2. Current resume
3. Copy of undergraduate and graduate diploma (photo copied one is OK)
4. Copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts (photo copied one is OK)
5. Copy of personal data page from your passport and current visa
6. Two recent (within one year) letters of reference

(6) Closing date
November 30th, 2016

(7) Documentation submission address

Dong Wan Cho, Ph.D
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
77 ChengAm-ro, Nam-gu,
Pohang, Kyungpook, 37673 South Korea

Tel) +82-54-279-2030
Fax) +82-54-279-3699
E-mail) dongwanc@postech.ac.kr

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