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Samsung Library Sungkyunkwan Campus Korea

Samsung Library at the Sungkyunkwan University Campus

Sungkyunkwan University is recruiting for an
English Assistant Professor Non-Tenure Track to
teach at its language academy.

There are two campuses at Sungkyunkwan. These include the
Humanities and Social Sciences Campus in Seoul and the
Natural Sciences Campus in Suwon.

Sungkyunkwan is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Korea.

Teaching Salary + Benefits

The yearly pay for this Assistant Professor position is 45 M Korean Won
per year.

This includes a special allowance for each year worked.

You will be paid overtime for non-credit classes.

You’ll receive Korean medical insurance.

You will be enrolled in the private school pension program.

You will share an office and have your own computer and office phone.

This is a 1 year contract starting March 1, 2017. The contract will run until February
28, 2018. It is renewable upon performance and employment conditions.

No housing or housing allowance is provided by the University.

To learn about getting an apartment here’s some information about how the
rental system works

sungkyunkwan university Seoul and Suwon

Sungkyunkwan students modelling school jackets

Qualifications To Apply

You must be an English native speaker, hold a Master’s degree, and have a minimum of
2 years college, or university teaching experience in South Korea.

Your teaching experience should be in English writing, presentation, and/or
public speaking skills.

You should have experience creating intensive English courses and have a degree
in a relevant major (preferred).

You should be comfortable using presentation and spreadsheet software, as well as
computer hardware.

You’ll need to attend an in-person interview with the University.

Learn more about Seoul.

Learn more about Suwon.

Here’s a 3rd party video promotion for Sungkyungkwan University.

About the Job

You will teach 15 hours of university credit classes each week.

You’ll teach non-credit classes throughout the semester and breaks (if required).

You will be required to do standard administrative paperwork for your classes as well as
student advisement.

How to Apply

Please submit your most up-to-date resume and cover letter.

Also include a copy of all your degrees obtained. These include your BA, MA, and
PhD(if applicable).

MPlease provide a copy of your passport cover page and your current working visa
in Korea.

Submit 2-3 current reference letters

Send one colour passport size photo.(current).

Please apply and send the required documents by 9:00 am (Korea Standard Time)
Monday, November 14, 2016.

If you are chosen for an interview at the HSSC Seoul campus, interviews will be
held on December 3, 2016.

Here’s a Google Map so you can get directions to the Sungkyunkwan University
in Seoul.

Here are maps of the Seoul and Suwon campuses

Please send ALL your documents to:

Ms. Yousook Yoon
Sungkyun Language Institute
Sungkyunkwan University
E-mail: slins@skku.edu

Any inquiries should be sent by email to: slins@skku.edu

To learn more about Sungkyunkwan University visit the website at:

To learn more about the Sungkyunkwan Language Institute visit:

Here’s a 3rd party video walk and talk through the streets of Suwon if
you’re unfamiliar with Suwon city (where you could be living and teaching).

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Decent salary and you you'll have a lot of latitude as to how you develop your curriculum. Lot's of overtime too.

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Overtime rate is much lower than before. You'll be lucky to get a teaching contract renewed. Teachers are let go because of poor performance evaluations (which aren't really fair).

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