Teach English At The Korean Defense Language Institute

Teach English At The Korean Defense Language Institute


Defense Language Institute

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ESL Teachers Needed For The Korea Defense Language Institute.

KDLI is a language education and research facility and is part of the Joint Forces Military University.

KDLI is in Icheon, Korea.

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Icheon South Korea

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KDLI is the intellectual center for the Republic of Korean Armed Forces.

The goal of KDLI is to provide career armed forces professionals with the communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills they need to do their jobs in a globalized world.

Teaching staff at KDLI are professionals from many countries.

Language instructors immerse their students in foreign languages using a variety of proven and powerful teaching methodologies.

Language taught at KDLI include: English, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish.

These languages are taught to military personnel, commissioned, and non-commissioned officers.

The Korean language is also taught to foreign servicemen from twenty-five countries.

About The English Department

Courses taught at the English department range from 2 to 6 months in duration.

The purpose of English classes is to enable Korean military forces personnel to work efficiently with their foreign colleagues during joint or combined army operations.

Instructors also prepare military staff to living and working abroad where they do training, or are dispatched.

The level of student motivation and commitment is high at KDLI.

The school is seeking professional English instructors who can provide best in class English communication skills training to the military personnel.

Campus of KDLI Incheon Korea

Campus of KDLI Icheon Korea


If you are NOT a Korean national you must provide a Bachelor’s degree from a 4 year university from an English-speaking nation.

We will also accept a BA degree in the English language from a country where English is the official second language.

If you are a Korean national and wish to apply, you must have a MA degree or above and at least 6 years of living experience in an English-speaking country.

About The Job

You will teach English that adheres to KDLI levels. This requires planning and organizing of lessons, exams, and student progress reports.

You will follow the KDLI instructional program, which enables students to meet and exceed their learning goals.

You will create and executive English lesson plans that make use of many teaching techniques and strategies.

You will provide adequate instruction that focuses on all parts of communication. These include reading, writing, listening and speaking in relevant content topics.

You will conduct language assessments to measure the progress of your students. This will allow them to meet their academic learning objectives and progress through English language acquisition.

You will keep track of students’ progress and record it to show proof of learning goals achieved.

You will adjust the course curriculum (when required) to meet the unique needs of individual students, or groups of students. Remedial instruction may also be necessary.

You will maintain control of your students’ behaviours to ensure student productivity and foster a quality learning environment.

You will apply different instructional techniques and strategies to education students with different aptitudes and interests.

You will manage your class time wisely to ensure students are getting the most out of each class.

You will be responsible for scheduling and supervising out of class activities.

These ‘activities’ can happen during the school day (as required).

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KDLI prefers applicants with:

  • An English language teaching certification. These include TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA.
  • An MA degree or above in a relevant major. If you are a Korean applicant, you need a Ph.D in English and 3 + years of teaching experience
  • Experience teaching English pronunciation
  • Experience grading English proficiency tests
  • Experience working or teaching in a military setting. For example an academy, school, base, etc.
  • Experience writing and publishing academic journals, or articles specific to English or teaching.

Pay & Benefits

Teachers earn 35,000 KRW per classroom hour. Outstanding instructors receive more pay. KDLI determines this.

You will teach 4 hours each day, 5 days per week. (avg).

You will receive a rent free, unfurnished apartment. It is in Jang-ho-won. Your accommodation is 1.5 km from KDLI.

In year 1 of your teaching contract you get 6 days of paid leave.

In year 2 your paid leave is adjusted based on the number of class hours you taught in year 1.

If no classes are scheduled, you are NOT required to come to KDLI.

There may be 1 month breaks between courses.

You will receive Korean pension and medical coverage.

You will receive a free fitness membership which includes access to the sauna at the school.

Current and Former English Instructors at KDLI

English Instructors KDLI

Past and Present English Teachers at KDLI

There is a very detailed Q&A from a former KDLI teacher on the Daegu English Teachers Facebook Page

Application Process

Visit https://goo.gl/Ke0uOz to apply online.

Also, submit a photo of your passport and 1 reference letter signed by your employer with contact information.

Please email the above 2 documents to: kdlienglish@gmail.com

In your email subject line please your contact details in this format:

[Last name] Phone Number.

For example, if you are John Doe, and your phone number is (010) 9876-5432, your e-mail subject line should read:

[Doe] (010) 9876-5432.

Heres a map to the Korea Defense Language Institute

Interview Times

Selected candidates will have initial interviews on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

An on-campus face to face interview will take place on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

As part of your interview preparation, please create a 5 minute demonstration English lessons should be appropriate for intermediate level English students.

The successful candidate(s) will be selected on Thursday, December 8, 2016.

The start date for classes is January 9, 2017. (expected).

Please send any questions by email to:

Lt Sang Hoon Chung
Korea Defense Language Institute
Joint Forces Military University
(031) 640-7747

Here’s a map to Icheon City Korea (where KDLI is located)

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