Teach English At Yeungjin College In Daegu

Teach English At Yeungjin College In Daegu

Teaching ESL at Yeungjin College in Daegu South Korea

Campus at Yeungjin College in Daegu

Yeungjin College is hiring for ESL teachers for 2017.

The College is situated in Northern Daegu City, Korea.

Learn more about Daegu (home of Yeungjin College) at wikitravel.

Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • You must be a native English speaker.
  • You must have 3+ years of English teaching experience in Korea.
  • Candidates with an MA degree are preferred.
  • F-2, F-5 and F-6 visa recipients are welcome to apply.
  • You must be able to start teaching on February 28, 2017.

Here’s a map with directions and street views to Yeungjin College.

Salary & Benefits

You will teach 20 hours per week (maximum).
You will work 4 days per week.

If you have a Master’s degree your pay will be 30,000,000 KRW per year.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree, your pay will be 25,000,000 KRW per year.

Even though you will teach 20 hours per week, there are certain times when you may need to teach overtime.

The overtime rate is 14,000 KRW per hour.

Vacation time is 4 weeks paid in your first year at the college.

If you renew your contract for 2 or more years you will be entitled to 8 weeks of annual vacation time per year.

Instructors that are hired could be needed to teach at both the Bokyeon campus and the Chilgok campus.

A shuttle bus is available to get to the Chilgok campus.

If you wish to teach during the summer and winter college breaks work is sometimes available.

If you wish to teach for extra pay at Daegu English Village and Yeungjin FLI there is sometimes work available.

More Benefits:

Single apartment with some furniture and a balcony near the river.

Your apartment will be a five minute walk from the College.

Medical insurance and pension plan are provided.

Depending on your teaching performance a bonus will be paid at the end of the semester.

Documents To Submit:

Please send scans or photographs of these documents with your teaching application:

  • Your resume
  • Your university degree and any certifications
  • Your Alien Registration Card (if you currently work in Korea). Front and Back, please.
  • Your passport information page and photo (copy)
  • Letters of Reference

If you are currently an E-2 visa holder in Korea, please obtain a letter of release from your current school.

If you do not obtain a letter of release, and need to apply for a new E-2 visa at the College, then your paperwork must be completed long before the end of February, 2017.

Students at Yeungjin College Daegu Korea

Students in Class At Yeungjin College Korea

How To Apply

Please send ALL documents to Leo Corbett leo.corbett@gmail.com

The deadline for applications is December 7, 2016

If you qualify for an interview, you will be notified shortly after December 7, 2016.

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