Teach English Courses At Seokyeong University

Teach English Courses At Seokyeong University

Seokyeong University Outside Campus

Seokyeong University Campus

Teach English Full Time at Seokyeong University
in Seoul

Seokyeong University in Seoul, Korea is hiring FT instructors
to work in the General Education English Program (GEEP).

About The Job

There are two courses in the GEEP which are necessary for students to graduate.

These courses include a TOEIC class. This class is for all freshmen students. It is
also an upper level class.

Another class is Communication English. This is a general conversation class for
second year sophomore students.

Three elective English classes are also available. These include TOEIC Speaking,
English for Interviewing and English for Business.

How to get to Seokyeong University in Seoul.

Watch this informational video about Seokyeong University.

Salary & Benefits

This is a 2 year teaching contract. It starts March 1, 2017 and ends February
28, 2019.

The salary is 2.4 M KRW per month. If you teach over
10 hours, you will be paid the overtime rate of 25,000
KRW per hour.

You are not required to teach during school vacations.

The University offers large modern teacher offices which come with computers.

These offices are shared by two staff members.

You will be required to attend pre, mid and end of semester staff meetings.

Other Benefits

You will receive an accommodation allowance of 320,000
KRW monthly.

You will be enrolled in the national health plan and private school pension.

Qualifications Needed To Apply

A Ph.D or equivalent


A Master’s degree and 2 years of proven English teaching experience at the
University level.

Seokyeong University Students at computers

Students Study at Seokyeong University Lab

Application Process

Please submit ALL the below documents in order for your application to be

The application package must be sent by post mail NOT email or FAX.

Email or faxes WILL NOT be accepted.


Download the application form.

Accept the personal information consent form.

Submit your cover letter

Submit your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume with 2 references.

Include 2 recommendation letters

Provide a copy of your diploma(s) and academic transcripts. One copy of each.

Submit any and all English teaching certifications and employment
records in Korean or English. Please specify the positions issued in the
past 3 months.

Please include the accrued time spent after you graduated with a Master’s

Provide evidence of your work history with specified dates of employment
on office employer letterheads with signatures and dates.

Describe part-time, full-time, lecturer positions, assistant professor, associate
professor and full-time professor positions held.

If you worked as a part-time lecturer, please include the number of weekly
teaching hours on your employment certificate(s).

Include a passport photo page copy.

Include a front and back copy of your ARC card. This is your alien registration
card, if you already work in Korea.

Include two 3×4 passport size photos of yourself.

Two Students Seokyeong University Korea

Students in library at Seokyeong University

Notification To Applicants

If no acceptable candidates are found, the University has the right to
pause or stop the hiring process.

Your documents submitted WILL NOT be returned to you by the

If you provide untruthful information during the hiring process your
application will be disqualified.

If your application is under review as a potential candidate, you will
be notified by email from the University.

If you qualify to attend a final interview, you will be notified by telephone.

Important Application Dates

The application deadline for this teaching position
is Friday November, 18th at 6:00 pm (Korea Time).

Please submit your application and ALL required documents


The Planning Office, Seokyeong University,
San 16-1, Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu,
Seoul, Korea (02713).

The University WILL NOT accept email applications
or faxed applications.

If you have questions about this application process, please connect
with Ms. Park, Jae-Ryung in the GEEP office

Contact Information:

Ms. Park, Jae-Ryoeng

GEEP Department
Seokyeong University

Here is the website for the University for your reference.

Check out the Facebook Page of Seokyeong University.

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