Teach English In Korea – INQ Korea

Teach English In Korea – INQ Korea

Korean English Village

If you’d like to teach English in Korea then come explore English
Village teaching jobs in Incheon and Muju.

We also have public and private academy teaching positions.

INQ is an ESL teacher recruiting company in Korea.

We recruit for English Villages which are supported by the Korean government.

We also hire for other types of schools like private institutes,
especially in Seoul.

However, many foreign teachers enjoy working at English villages in Korea, and you’ll
have lots of foreign friends if it’s your first time in Korea.

English lessons at English villages are activity based, so you won’t have
to teach students boring grammar, and reading in traditional classrooms.

INQ recruits for Incheon English Village and Muju English Village

You can submit your resume on the INQ website

If you want to come to Korea to teach we’ll help you find a teaching position
and you’ll have a unique experience while living in Korea.

Here’s a photo of the pool at Incheon English Village in case you need to cool off!

Incheon English Village Pool

To qualify you’ll need:

An E2 teaching visa in Korea. This means you must be from Canada, USA, Australia
or New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, or Ireland.

You’ll need a university degree. BA, BS, or higher.

Schools prefer a teaching certificate like TESOL or TEFL, but NOT required.

You should have all your documents for your E2 visa application ready.

These include your diploma, CBC and it should be apostilled or notarized depending
on your country of nationality.

Your overseas teaching adventure starts with INQ Korea!

Here’s a video of what it’s like to teach English at Incheon English
Village in Korea

INQ Contact Information:

INQ Korea
Recruiter – Jay
E-Mail : inqkorea@gmail.com
Phone Number. : 82-10-8671-1924
Address. : #122, 816, Seogotro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

Here’s a link to the INQ Facebook Page

More About INQ Korea

INQ Korea Recruiters
The INQ head office is located in Incheon Korea. We also have branch offices
in California, Texas and Pennsylvania.

Recruiters at INQ Korea receive monthly salaries NOT commission based wages.

This means they will attempt to get you the best teaching position that meets
both your needs and the school’s needs.

Our service is free of charge to prospective teachers.

We will place you in reputable private or public schools in Korea.

We offer assistance with the E2 visa process and handle visa related
documentation. This process can be very complicated.

We provide 24/7 support to teachers online and in person.

We will pick you up at the airport in Korea and take you to your apartment
and school.

We give teacher training to new instructors from experienced teachers already
in Korea.

We give you Korean cultural training which is our own training course.

Our communication with teachers is excellent. Even after you’re hired and
teaching at the school, we’ll continue to communicate and provide assistance
where needed and if possible.

Here’s a photo at an English village. It’s a “pretend” airport where
Korean students practice their English in a real life travel situation.

At an Airport English Village Korea

Here’s a map and walk score to Incheon English Village Korea.
It has a walk score of 21.

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Here’s a review of Incheon English Village

Another detailed review  of IEV on a teacher’s website.

Review from Teacher IEV Korea

But… if you really want to get the lowdown on what it’s like
to teach at Incheon English Village in Korea, then reach out to these
current and former teachers…

Teachers from IEV Korea

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2 5 1
English villages are often dormitory style. Maybe that was fine in your first year of university, but would you want shared accommodations with strangers and people you'd be teaching with all day?

3 5 1
I never worked there, but I interviewed there. Beware that new teachers may have to work Saturdays. Since I already paid my first year dues in Korea, I wanted weekends off so IEV was a no go! The teachers at IEV have names like "Rambo Teacher" and "Yoda Teacher". They sing songs with their students and take them on field trips.

5 5 1
My first job was in Seoul Korea. It was at English Village Seoul. They paid on time, helped me get a bank account and phone. We had social events with teachers and students. I never even had to pay for food or drinks. I only had 5-6 classes a day which was pretty easy compared to most hagwons.

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