Teach English in Korea – SeoulESL

Teach English in Korea – SeoulESL

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[SeoulESL] We’re hiring for English teachers to teach in both the EPIK and GEPIK public school programs in Korea and also at private schools in several Korean cities.

There are 19 open teaching positions in Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Jeju and Gyunggi. You can visit the SeoulESL website to see the full job list.

Here are 2 jobs available in fantastic Seoul locations:


You’ll teach at a private language school. Otherwise know as a “Hagwon”.

The school is in Songpa-gu, seoul. Home of Olympic Park and Lotte World indoor amusement park.

You’ll teach primary to middle school Korean kids.

Teaching hours are from 3 pm until 9:30 pm.

The teaching wage is between 2.2 million won to 2.4 million won per month.

You’re entitled to 10 vacation days per 12 month contract. Also, you’ll receive Korean public holidays off.

There are 3 native English teachers.

The school provides single housing with furniture.

Other benefits include a severance payment if you complete a 1 year contract and pension and health insurance contributions by your employer.

Your airfare will also be reimbursed to Korea.

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Teaching in Korea Seoul ESL


This is another private academy position in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

The teaching start date is September, 2016.

The grades you’ll teacher are kindergarten to elementary grade students.

Teaching hours will run from 9:40 in the morning until 6:40 in the evenings.

There are 6 native teachers.

Base salary is 2.1 to 2.6 million won per month depending on qualifications and experience.

You can expect about 2 weeks of vacation time and national Korean holidays off.

The school provide nice, new and clean fully furnished housing for a single person.

You’ll also receive reimbursement for your one way plane ticket to Korea.

Korean national pension and medical insurance payments are also subsidized monthly.

Once you complete a 1 year contract you’re entitled to a 1 month severance payment.

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Teaching and Working Korea

In order to apply, please make sure you have these visa documents prepared:

BA degree or higher. It must be apostilled or if you’re a Canadian it must be notarized from a Korean consulate in Canada.

An apostilled country wide criminal record check. If you’re  from Canada it should be notarized. It must be be a record check from the RCMP or CPIC and notarized by a Korean consulate.

You’ll need a valid passport.

Your resume which includes a current photograph of yourself in a .jpg file format Please include whether you have teaching experience in Korea.

Please note that SeoulESL’s teaching positions are updated daily as we fill them. Some may be posted today and then a teacher is hired tomorrow.

According to Korean law, all recruiting agencies must be licenses with the Ministry of Korean labor to make sure of fair and safe business practices for foreigners.

We advise not to use an unregistered teacher placement agency. This could put your employment situation at risk.

To contact SeoulESL (ESL Consulting Inc.) our details are below:

Tel: 82-2-585-7871
401, 4 Bangbaero gil, Seocho-ku, Seoul South Korea

Directions to the SeoulESL recruiting office

Here’s the list of current jobs with SeoulESL

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More About Teaching In Songpa – gu, Seoul Korea

Here’s a video tour of Jamsil Park in Seoul. One of the great places where you could be teaching English.

The park was created as part of the Seoul 1988 Olympic games. It’s one of the best places to stroll and relax.

Here’s a video showing the world’s largest indoor theme park in Jamsil Korea. The neighborhood where you “could” be teaching English in Seoul.

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4 5 1
I used SeoulESL to get my first hagwon job in Korea. I tried other recruiters who initially pitched jobs in Seoul but then tried to get me to accept offers in other locations, which I didn't want. SeoulESL mostly hires for Seoul jobs, hence the name.

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Scarlett was the recruiter I worked with from SeoulESL. She treated me well and quickly answered my questions about the job. She was truthful. Other teachers at the school said they didn't have as great an experience with her.

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