Teach English In Seoul, South Korea

Teach English In Seoul, South Korea

Musicians in Seoul

Musicians perform near Hongdae, University Seoul

ESL Starter has fantastic English teaching jobs in
Seoul public schools beginning in February or
August 2017.

Check out the comp plan:

Your base salary will range between 1.8 million to 3.0 million Korean won per month.

This of course, depends on your education and teaching experience as defined below.

When you arrive in Korea, you’ll receive an entrance allowance of 1.3 million Korean
won to pay for your flight cost into Korea.

When you finish your contract and leave Korea, you’ll get an additional 1.3 million
Korean won as an exit and contract completion bonus.

You’ll be paid a one time amount of 300,000 Korean won as a settlement allowance
when you arrive in Korea.

Your apartment will be full furnished and is rent free.

If the school is unable to provide you housing, then you’ll receive a housing allowance
of 500,000 Korean won.

Your vacation days will be 21 days and approximately 12 Korean public holidays.

Class hours will be 22 hours per week.

You’ll be enrolled in the Korean health insurance plan. 50 % of your premiums will be
paid by the school.

You’ll also be part of the Korean pension plan, of which 50% will be paid by your

These are 12 month contract with full orientation and teacher training provided to
ensure you are prepared and comfortable entering your Seoul public school teaching

Here’s a map of Seoul (in red) from Wikipedia.

Seoul Korea

Seoul Korea Map

Here’s the teaching schedule:

You’ll be teaching elementary, middle, or high school students in the Seoul district.

Each class will have a Korean co-teacher to help you manage the class and deal
with language challenges with students.

Teaching hours are 9 to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

In total, you’ll teach 3-4 classes each day for a total of 22 class hours each week.

If you teach elementary students each class is 40 minutes in length.

If you teach middle school students, each class is 45 minutes in length.

If you teach high school students each class is 50 minutes in length.

All classes are recorded as 1 hour.

The school will do a complete orientation and teacher training workshop to help
you become familiar with life in Korea and how to teach your public school classes.

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Here’s a 3rd party video of a Korean teacher and her foreign co-teacher
doing a teaching demonstration as part of the EPIK program.

The students are in grade two. The Korean teachers is the main teacher.

Don’t miss these dates:

The application deadline for Korean public school classes is October 1, 2016 for a
February 2017 start.

The application deadline is March 31, 2017 for an August 2017 start.

Please apply as soon as possible because we get plenty of applications and teachers
are hired quickly.

Also, note that application deadlines could change depending on the school’s decision.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply:

Your nationality must be from Canada, USA, the UK, South Africa, Australia, Ireland,
or New Zealand.

You’ll need a university degree in any major.

A BA degree in Education, English Education, English Literature or Linguistics
(a major in writing will be classified as an English major.  For instance, creative
writing, or critical writing.

You will need a recognized teacher certification from an elementary or secondary

You can apply with a TESOL or TEFL teaching certificate as long as it is a 100 hour
course. You should also have it completed before middle of January to be eligible to be

If you don’t have a TEFL certificate you can obtain one through us. We offer a 120
hour On-line TEFL certification.

Why use ESL Starter?

Over 800 English instructors have been hired to teach in the Korean public school
system through our agency.

We’ve been an official recruiter for the Korean public school system for the past 5 years.

We advise and support you through the complete application process so you can
improve your chances of getting hired.

We consult with you on your document quality and give interview suggestions. This
will improve your chances of getting to the interview stage.

We provide a visa document checking service to streamline your visa application
process. This will save you time and money.

We have many teacher testimonials on our website and have a high application
success rate.

We also meet you at the Incheon international airport in Korea and take you to your
school and apartment.

We have an efficient English teacher recruiting process.

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Here are the staff member of ESL Starter:

Employees ESL Starter

ESL Starter Staff

More about the Seoul ESL Teaching Program:

The ministry of Education in Seoul is composed of approximately 2,200 schools
with 1.5 million students and 72,000 teachers.

The goal is to enhance the English communication abilities of Korean students
and raise cultural awareness and strong global connections between Korea
and the rest of the world.

Apply for public school teaching positions

Here are dozens of testimonials from English teachers who’ve used ESL Starter.

ESL Starter Teacher Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials ESL Starter

Apply for public school teaching positions

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I used Phil at ESL Starter. He helped me get a teaching gig in Daegu with EPIK. He's a good guy, responds fast and lives in Seoul, I believe.

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I used ESL Starter to get hired teaching in Korea. They also recruiter for other countries like China, India, Japan, and a lot more. They set you up with a teaching job if you take their TEFL course, which costs money. Apparently if you take their TEFL course in your country of your choice your pretty much guaranteed a teaching job.

5 5 1
ESL Starter is run by Phil and Claire Negus... I assume husband and wife... I've heard they promote TEFL training courses and teacher placement. They seem organized and respond quickly via email.

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