Teach English In South Korea – AMS

Teach English In South Korea – AMS

ESL Recruiter AMS Korea

English Teaching Jobs In South Korean Cites.

We are an experienced, well known, and transparent teacher placement agency foreign
teachers can rely on.

AMS or Asia Marketing Services is a teacher recruitment agency.

We have expertise in hiring first time or experienced English teachers for language
schools in Korea.

We recruit for language institutes who need qualified ESL teachers to fill roles as they
are needed.

Teaching in Korea or Asia is an incredible experience and will help your career.

Opportunities teaching ESL in Korea include teaching conversation classes to test
preparation such as the SAT or TOEFL test.

For most language schools, an English curriculum is followed so you won’t need to
create this for your classes.

Female Foreign English Teacher in Korea

Teaching Qualifications for Korea

You must have a minimum of a BA degree in any major. However, English or Education
majors are given hiring priority.

You must prove your fluency in the English language.

You must be willing to dedicate yourself to teaching in South Korea for at least 1 year.
Most teaching contracts are 12 months.

We encourage university students in their final year of their degree to apply early
and begin the job seeking and hiring process.

Teaching salaries range from 2.0 to 2.5 million KRW per month.

Here’s a video of an ESL teacher sharing his tips for not spending
to much in Korea 
and saving lots of money.

Teacher Benefits

You’ll receive free accommodation, health insurance, and a one month severance
bonus upon completing a 12 month teaching contract with your school.

If you teach more than your required teaching hours in your school contract, you’ll
receive overtime pay.

You’ll get paid vacation days, depending on the school.

Also, the school will pay your round trip or one way airplane ticket.

If you’d like to apply to teach English in Korea visit the AMS website

Here’s a collection of teacher testimonials on the AMS website.

AMS Korea Teacher Testimonials

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about
teaching English in South Korea:

What country must I be a citizen of to qualify to teach in Korea?

You must be from 1 of the 7 countries below: USA, Canada, the UK, Australia,
New Zealand, Ireland,or South Africa

How can I apply for a teaching job with AMS Korea?

Visit the AMS home page and download the teacher application form.
Submit your resume and current photograph of yourself. Once that’s done,
AMS will begin searching for a teaching position for you.

Do I need a teacher certification?

The short answer is No. The basic qualification to teach in Korea is a BA
degree from a certified university from one of the seven English speaking
countries listed above.

What will a recruiter such as AMS actually do for me?

AMS will leverage our huge database of English language institutes in
Korea to find a job that matches your location and student level preferences.

We have years of experience working with reputable schools. We also will
support you during the entire E2 visa application procedure.

This also includes arranging travel and accommodations for you when you
arrive in Korea.

Am I permitted to speak to someone who is teaching at the school
to get my questions answered?

Absolutely! We’ll connect you with an ESL teacher current working at the school
or former teachers who can answer your questions before you make a decision.

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