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Inha Technical College Incheon

Inha Technical College Incheon, Korea

Inha Technical College in Incheon, South Korea
is recruiting very qualified English conversation

These are two year contracts (non-tenure).

This College teaching position starts on March 1, 2017 (first semester).

Only apply for this teaching position if you are able to remain in Korea until the last
announcement of employment is made.

Salary & Benefits

You’ll teach English 9 hours weekly. If you teach more than 9 hours, you will be
paid overtime.

The yearly salary is 32 million Korean won. This is based on teaching experience
and qualifications.

You will be paid a housing allowance of 200,000 Korean won per month.

You’ll receive Korean national medical insurance.

You will be enrolled in a private teacher’s pension plan.

Here’s a map of Incheon, Korea from Wikipedia.

Incheon Korea

Incheon Map (Wikipedia)


To apply you must meet the minimum qualifications below:

You must be a native English speaker.

You must have lived and attended an English-speaking school in an English
speaking nation since high school.

You must have a 4 year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with 4
years of proven college level instruction, relevant research, or specific work experience.

You must have a TESOL or CELTA teaching certificate or a teaching license from
an English-speaking country.

Watch this 3rd party of Songdo district in Incheon. It’s a city of the future
and is completely interconnected. The city of Songdo is all about
sustainability and promoting a green environment.

The Application Process (2 steps)

In order to be considered for this English teaching position, you must meet the criteria
from step 1 and step 2 as outlined below:

Step 1 – Initial Online Application

This application period is from Thursday, October 11th, until Monday, October 17th, 2016.

Beginning October 11 at 10:00 am visit the website for http://www.inhatc.ac.kr
and login.

Complete the online teaching application.

Here’s what you should provide in your online application:

In the APPLYING field, choose the department FACULTY OF LANGUAGE AND

In the BASIC INFORMATION field, input your personal information. This includes
your current occupation, home address, email address, and telephone number.

Please be very clear when you enter your EMAIL and PHONE number. If you are
shortlisted, these identifiers should be legible so we can contact you.

Upload a scanned PHOTO of yourself. This must be recent.(within the last 6 months).

Provide the names of the university DEGREES you have completed and WHERE you
received them.

Additional Qualifications Needed in the Online Application:

Provide the names of the teaching certifications/licenses you have obtained, as
well as any other relevant credentials.


1. Describe your teaching experience in the ACADEMIC TEACHING EXPERIENCE
section of the online application.

2. Describe your non-teaching experience or non-academic teaching experience in
the TEACHING EXPERIENCES section of the online application.

Teaching Experiences Section (online application)

In your COVER LETTER discuss your teaching background and philosophy.

Step 2 – Submitting Your Documents

You will have from Tuesday, October 18, 2016 until Thursday, October
20th to submit your application documents.

Your documents can be submitted by regular post mail or you can visit the college
and submit your docs in person.

Please mail your documents to:

Room 107 Main Building
Inha Technical College
Inharo 100, Nam-gu
Incheon, Korea

Here’s the list of documents you must submit:

Print out the application form you completed online from website.

Send photocopies of your passport, ARC card (Alien Registration Card).

Send copies of your university degrees obtained as well as your academic transcripts.

Send a photocopy of your TESOL/CELTA or other teaching certifications you’ve
obtained from an English-speaking country.

If you have already taught or are teaching in Korea, please submit an employment
certificate and Korean income tax return. We will require one of each and these
documents should be originals.

Please provide proof of current or former employers (as issued by your current
or former employers).

You MUST submit the above documents. Any past teaching experience WILL NOT
be considered it you don’t provide these documents.

If you’ve taught in Korea, you’ll need to provide proof of paid Korean income tax
for 2015 or years earlier. This document is issued by the Korean Tax Office.

Please provide evidence of your current employment income as issued by your
current employer.

Please provide 1 original reference letter. This letter of reference must be sealed
and be a recommendation from 1 current supervisor/manager or employer.


If you (the applicant) provide false application documentation or degrees,
references or certificates, your application will be terminated instantly.

If you DO NOT submit your required documentation as described in the instructions
above, you will not be considered for hire.

Corrections and/or modifications to your online application are only made
possible when you click the final submission button at the end of the online page.

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted by the College for an initial interview.

If you are shortlisted, then please bring your ORIGINAL documents to the interview.

These documents are necessary for authentication of your academic and work
experience credentials and will be returned immediately.

Documents to bring to the interview are:

  • Your passport and ARC card.
  • Your degree(s) and academic transcripts
  • Your qualifications

Submitted documents WILL NOT be returned under any circumstances.

You will also be asked to submit a criminal background check or CBC. This document
is to be issued by your country of origin (citizenship) to the Korean immigration
department for processing.

Successful candidates will be selected by November 4, 2016.

If selected, you will be asked to participate in an interview and prepare a lesson for
presentation by Tuesday, November, 8, 2016.

New hires will be announced in the second week of January, 2017.

If you require more information about this application process, please visit:


You can also contact Prof. Jang Hyun Nam at:

Phone: 032-870-2374

Email: leonord@inhatc.ac.kr

Here are current and former English instructors from Inha
Technical College.

English Teachers Inha Technical College

English Instructors Inha Technical College

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