Teach History (In English) – Seoul

AP European History/AP US History 40,000 per hour in Gangnam

Scholar Academy is a growing academy located in Apgu-Jung Dong. We have established a reputation as the premier humanities academy in Seoul and are looking to hire more career teachers. We cater to bright high school students who wish to attend college in America. Many of our students SAT I test scores are in the top 10% of all test takers (1400+) and therefore have no problem with English. As a result, we only hire teachers who have a minimum bachelor’s degree from America. Starting pay is 40,000 an hour with eventual incentive to earn a percentage of revenue from classes taught

We are looking for one person who can teach the following:

1) AP European History
2) AP US History

Because our students are very ambitious, it is preferable that the teacher have a strong grasp of the subject and have taken the test before.

The interview process is the following:

1) A sample 10 minute mock class on any topic
2) A short 10 minute question and answer session
3) A written Diagnostic test 30 min

What we are looking for are the following:

1) US bachelor’s degree
2) A minimum 2 year commitment
3) Loyalty
4) Hard Work ethic
5) An ability to work well with high school students

We believe everything else can be trained

Email: garymoon64@hotmail.com