Teach In Gangnam, Seoul Korea

Teach In Gangnam, Seoul Korea

Korean Students at YBM Seoul

Korean Students at YBM Seoul

YBM – Teach English in Gangnam to Korean Adults.

We have December to February EFL classes starting soon.

These positions are open in Gangnam (one to one classes) starting in December, 2016
and YBM Gangnam in February 2017.

YBM is Korea’s most renowned English language institute with a very strong
reputation and brand name in English education.

We provide English language classes, test prep, and textbooks for English learners
across Korea.

Right now, we’re recruiting outgoing and responsible English teaching instructors to
teach in the Adult English as a foreign language program in Gangnam,Seoul.

We offer contracts which are backed by the terms and conditions of our
head office.

As an English teacher with YBM you’ll help adult students develop their English
language learning goals.

You’ll teach conversation, writing skills, listening activities, Business English and
English for special purposes.

You’ll be supported by YBM’s team of supervisors and administration to ensure
you get the support and guidance you need to deliver excellent lessons and
receive great feedback from your students.

You will teach intimate (one to one) English classes to adults as well as small
group discussion style classes.

Teaching adults with YBM is a meaningful experience for foreign instructors.

It’s an opportunity to grow yourself professionally and personally.

Join our team of foreign and Korean instructors today in Gangnam,Seoul.

Check out this 3rd party video tour of the COEX Mall is situated in
the heart of Gangnam, Seoul.

COEX Mall is a shopping mecca for Koreans, tourist
and expats.

COEX Mall is a great place to visit between your classes.

To get to COEX Mall, take exit #6 at Samseong station (#2 Green Subway Line)

The pay and benefits:

You’ll receive a 2.5 million won salary each month.

YBM will pay for your return air ticket to and from South Korea.

The company will also provide a significant deposit called “key money” on your
apartment (required in Korea).

You’ll also receive a housing allowance each month to cover your apartment rent.

Vacation days are 10 days paid per year and national public holidays in Korea.

If you complete your 12 month contract you are also entitled to one month’s salary
as a bonus.

You will be paid for teacher training prior to starting your classes. Temporary
accommodation is also included during this training and orientation program.

E2 (or teaching visa) processing will be reimbursed by YBM.

The company will pay for your Korean national pension and health insurance
contributions each month on your behalf.

If you choose to study Korean, Chinese or Japanese languages, YBM will cover
50% of this cost. This is a great discount and opportunity to learn an Asian language.
Here’s a map of Gangnam in Seoul, Korea.

Korea, Seoul Gangnam District

Map of Gangnam Seoul (Wikipedia)

Want to know the teaching schedule?

You’ll teach Monday to Friday for 25 classroom hours per week.

You’ll teach 6x 50 minute classes per day.

If you want to teach Saturdays, you’ll get paid overtime.

You might be wondering about the qualifications:

To qualify, you need to have a passport and Bachelor’s degree from Canada,
USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, or South Africa.

You should have a professional appearance and character and be passionate
about teaching Korean adults.

You should have at least one year of teaching English to adults in an academic
setting such as a hagwon or university or college.

If you do not have adult teaching experience a TEFL or CELTA certification
is preferred.

You should be able to demonstrate and provide good student service and care.

The map below shows all of the YBM Education branches in Korea.

YBM Branches South Korea

Map of YBM Branches in Korea

Here’s how to apply:

Please send the below documentation to Greg Stapleton.

His email address is: gregstapleton@ybmsisa.com

Documents Needed:

Submit a resume and cover letter. Your resume must include how to contact you,
your education and work history as well as work references.

Please send a copy of your passport “information page”.

Scan and send a copy of your national criminal background check. This should
be a recent check done within the last 6 months from the date it was issued.

If you’re American, please ensure the CBC is apostilled.

If you’re Canadian, please ensure you’ve had your CBC notarized and obtained
fingerprints from the RCMP.

Include a recent photo of yourself.

Let us know your preferred teaching start dates and the city in which you’d like
to teach.

If you’re already living in Korea, please provide a copy of your ARC card
(front and back please) with a LOR (Letter of Release) from your current school
that employs you as well as all the document listed above.

Note: Your LOR must be signed by your employer.

YBM WILL NOT schedule interviews for teaching jobs until we have
received all your documents described above by email.

These documents are required for any YBM applicant who wishes to teach in
Korea, regardless of their current visa status and length of stay in Korea.

Please send all documents first in your teaching application.

If you are hired by YBM Education you should make your schedule available to
participate in paid teacher training and orientation from 10:00 am until
5:00pm on the third week of the month before your teaching start dates.

Classes commence on the first week-day (normally Monday) of the 1st of each month.

The only exception to this schedule is for YBM branches that teach one to one
classes, which could have class start dates in mid month.

Here’s a Google map to Gangnam in Seoul Korea (with directions and street views)

More About YBM

YBM started in 1961. The company produces English versions of Newsweek
Magazine, National Geographic as well as Reader’s Digest.

The company is also the official test provider for the Test of English for International
Communications and the Microsoft Office User exam.

We are the most well know English education company in South Korea.

By joining YBM you have a wonderful career opportunity to move up in the
organization or make a lateral move from English teaching, to test prep teaching, or
writing educational content in English for Korean learners of all ages.

Here are several teachers who teach or have taught English at YBM

YBM Instructors Seoul

YBM Current/Former Teachers

What’s it like to work for YBM in Korea? Read this Q&A on Quora

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4 5 1
YBM provided a great facility to teach. We had the entire floor dedicated to YBM Premier and nice lounge for students and teachers to hang out an mingle before and after class.

5 5 1
If you plan to learn Korean, or even Japanese or Chinese, you can get an employee discount of 50% off language classes at YBM. Of course, the challenge will be fitting them in between the English classes you'll be teaching. If you're not an EARLY morning person don't even apply. You'll have to be at the school by 6:30 am 5-6 days a week for 7:00 am classes. Combine that with late evening classes, drinks with students and getting home at midnight or 1:00 am and the schedule will catch up with you. You'll find yourself turning into a Korean salary man catching up on your sleep ALL day every Sunday... But despite the grind, I got used to it, paced myself and would teach adults over kids any day.

4 5 1
You can get overtime and make a lot more money than what your contract states, if you're a work-horse. Expect student surveys of your classes each month and head teachers to observe your classes periodically. You'll have engaging conversations with adults, make friends and your students will take you out for dinner and drinks because they want to have English class outside! The longer you stay at YBM your schedule gets better.. meaning fewer split shifts.

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