Teach In Korea At Chung Dahm Learning

Teach In Korea At Chung Dahm Learning

Classroom English Lesson at Chung Dahm Learning Korea

Chung Dahm Learning Korea

Teaching Jobs starting this Winter at over 180 schools in Korea.

Chung Dahm Learning is constantly seeking English teachers who wish to work at one of our 180 academies throughout South Korea.

If you love teaching children, want to experience a new culture then join with our community of 1,000 teachers and 40,000 Korean young learners.

No teaching experience is required to work at Chung Dahm Learning. We provide full, formal teacher training so you are prepared for your classes.

Teacher Benefits:

The teaching salary range is from 2.0 M KRW to 2.8 M KRW based on your education and experience.

You will received paid vacation time

We pay 50% of your medical and national pension contributions.

With certain contracts we provide housing. If you don’t receive accommodation we will pay you a higher salary.

Severance bonus once you complete your 1 year contract.

You’ll teach from 4:00 to 10:00 pm Each class is between eight to twelve students.

During class, you will utilized our Chung Dahm 3.0 English learning platform. Students are equipped with smart tablets and flat screen monitors are set up in the classrooms to make learning fun and the education experience technology focused.

Chungdahm Learning Korea

Foreign Teacher and her two Korean students Chung Dahm Learning


  • To apply you must be a native English speaker from the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK South Africa or New Zealand.
  • You should have at least 10 years of high school and university education combined in one of the countries referenced above.
  • You should have a Bachelor’s degree and be able to commit to a 1 year contract with our school.
  • You must also have a clean criminal background check from your country.

Please send your resume and picture of yourself to: job@chungdahm.com

About Chung Dahm Learning

Here’s the link to the Chung Dahm Learning English teacher recruiting website

You can find Chung Dahm Learning on Facebook and LinkedIn (must have a LI account- free)

A map to Chungdahm Learning schools in Seoul. Street views included so you can see the neighborhoods.

Here’s a short video of our school and classroom learning situations.

Korean students are interviewed so you can hear their English levels and get a glimpse of their personalities. Worth watching!

Teacher Reviews

I worked here for a year in 2008. Highly recommend this position for novice teachers!

Decent contract, pay, and apartment  IF it’s your first teaching job in Korea.

Respectable pay but low on benefits for teachers.  You’ll get paid on time. But, you will be expected to teach even if you’re sick. Typical Korean work culture.

High turnover among management and faculty. Don’t treat Korean employees well.

Teacher trainers and head instructors will periodically monitor your classes and meet with you to discuss your teaching style and evaluate your performance.

They use CCTV to monitor classrooms. Big brother!

The students are great.  Well behaved. Easy to teach lessons. Some 3 hour classes can get tiring.

You’ll have to sometimes attend unpaid seminars on weekends. No teaching on weekends, however.

Watch out for contract loopholes regarding benefits, vacation and pay.

You’ll get two days off per week, but it may not be Saturday and Sunday. Examine your contract and ask questions.

Very little vacation time and you’ll need to request time off before hand. One teacher had to work Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Hard to travel outside of Korea since you could be working Korean holidays.

Each school branch is different in management. Some are good, some are bad.

Not enough teacher training for newbies. Training is pathetic.

Lack of transparency between management and teachers.

They only pay for your plane ticket to Korea.

Strict curriculum. Lessons can get monotonous. Very little room to create fun lessons to match students needs.

It’s a business not a school. Some teachers in other branches have to work Saturdays and split shifts. Check your contract!

More stable than other hagwons. Good pay, good coworkers, free apartment.

Many English teachers have taught at Chung Dahm Learning since 1998. You can connect with them  on LinkedIn to learn about their experience working there.

Contact teachers on LinkedIn  (You’ll need at LinkedIn account – FREE)

Chung Dahm Learning LinkedIn contacts

Teachers on LinkedIn Who Have Taught At Chung Dahm Learning Korea

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