Teach In Korea – EngKorea

Teach In Korea – EngKorea

Teaching English to Korean students

EngKorea has many teaching jobs in Korea available for you.

These jobs include all benefits. Choose from kindergarten, elementary or adult teaching

Just some locations include Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Jeollado and Gyeongsangdo.

EngKorea was formed in 2011. Our office is situated in Seoul, Korea.

We’ve been successful helping teachers find their ideal teaching jobs in Korea for the
past 5 years.

We have many clients in all types of academic institutions and schools throughout

Because of our breadth and depth of clients we are able to match the right school
and location for you in Korea.

We have a brand new website which is easy to navigate to find jobs.

Here’s just one teaching job of many in Seoul, Korea

We require 1 native English speaker to teach near Achasan station in
Gwangjin Gu, 
Seoul. The start date is September 19, 2016

You’ll teach elementary school students.

The pay is between 2.2 to 2.3 million Korean won per month.

Overtime will be paid on an hourly basis.

The teaching schedule is Monday to Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Each ESL class is 30 minutes in length with ten students per class.

There are 2 foreign teachers at the school in Gwangjin, Seoul.

Gwangjin District Seoul Wikipedia

Benefits include:

Single housing, 10 vacation days in the summer and 10 in the winter.

A one way airfare ticket, severance pay, and 50% of your medical insurance paid
by the school.

Apply For this Job

If you are a native English speaker, Gyopo or Korean national and have the
qualifications to teach English in Korea then apply for many of the jobs on
our website.

Start by submitting your resume to our website.

Once you send your resume, we’ll contact you to assist you with your job search
and start providing school names and locations to look over.

Here’s a video of a drive through to Gwangjin gu Seoul.

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Here’s a list of teacher testimonials on the EngKorea Facebook Page.

EngKorea Agency Korea

Here are more teacher testimonials on the EngKorea website

Before you get hired at a school in Korea, you’ll undergo a job interview via
Skype and/or face to face.

Here is a list of the typical questions you should expect:

How would you describe your character/personality?

What kinds of things would you do in class to motivate your students?

How would you measure your students’ progress besides giving tests?

What type of classroom activities would you create to challenge the beginners
or lower level students yet engage the more advanced learners?

How would you deal with a class with student of varying English levels and abilities?

Describe some people who have influenced your education and teaching career?

What type of students do you prefer to teach? Why would you work with that age
or level most effectively?

Interview on Skype for ESL Job Korea

What would you do if you assign homework or a class project and a student rejects
or doesn’t think it’s worthwhile? How would you handle this situation?

What are your plans for continuing your professional growth?

What sort of teachers would you enjoy working with and why?

What extra activities would you like to be involved with in our school?

What makes you a good fit for our school? How would you enhance our teaching

What personality types do you find difficult and annoying?

Which person should handle student discipline in the school and why?

What do you expect from the school administration? What would you need them
to handle for you?

What types of academic or work experiences have you had that have prepared you
to teach full-time at a school?

What types of rules would you set forth in your classroom with students?

Tell us about your teaching style and how would you engage varying levels of

What are your strengths as a teacher and how would you leverage them to have
great classes?

Here are some of the language schools EngKorea recruits for:

Hagwons EngKorea

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Here’s a teacher review from the blogpost KoreaAdventures.com

EngKorea teacher reviews

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I was told by EngKorea that the school which would hire me would pay a 700,000 won housing allowance. Went out and got an apartment with that budget. When I went to sign the contract, it said only 500,000 won per month. I couldn't back out of the lease. EngKorea's mistake cost me 200,000 won per month.

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