Teach In Seoul Near Olympic Park

Teach In Seoul Near Olympic Park

Subway Line Jamsil Station Seoul

English Teaching Opportunity Near Olympic Park In Seoul

Global Kids International (GKI) English Academy is recruiting North American
ESL teachers to start teaching in Korea as early as November and December

GKI has TEFL jobs for English native speakers who would like to teach
kindergarten and/or elementary children.

Instructors are paid between 2.3 to 2.9 million Korean won each month.

The salary range is based on your teaching experience, academic credentials
an the schedule you’ll be teaching.

Working hours average 30 per week Monday to Friday.

You will NOT be asked to teach Saturdays at GKI.

Teaching contracts are for 12 months and are renewable if you desire to
spend a second year at the school.

Teacher Benefits

You’ll receive a round trip airfare reimbursement from your employer.

A relocation allowance is given.

Korean health insurance.

You will have your own modest sized apartment which includes Cable
television, air conditioning,Internet, a refrigerator, washer and dryer
and other essentials. No room mate.

Of course your school will sponsor you with an E2 teaching visa.

If you complete the contract in full (12 months) you are eligible to
receive a one month’s severance bonus equal to one month’s regular pay.

The school offers a friendly, positive and professional working

What Qualifications Do You Need?

You must be a native English speaker with teaching experience and program
development expertise.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Education.

You should be personable and passionate about teaching and a team

What Documents You Should Submit

A resume outlining your education and experience.
A current photograph of yourself
A copy of your passport
A copy of your diploma. If you’re American it should be apostilled. If
you’re Canadian, it should be notarized.

A complete background check. If you’re Canadian, your CBC should be
notarized by the RCMP and checked by a public notary.

If you’re American, your FBI check should be apostilled.

You’l also need to submit a medical check certification. This self medical
check form should be sent to Korea.

If you’re interested in applying please submit your application via the
GKI website here.

Phone : +82-2-473-0253

Here’s a video tour of Seoul Olympic Park in Jamsil, Seoul near where
you’ll be teaching if hired.

Here’s a review of GKI Language Institute.

Here’s a teacher’s blog called ShelbyWanderBlog. Shelby talks about her teaching
experience at GKI Language School.

Here’s another teacher’s review of GKI Language Institute where the teacher talks
about an experience with the Director.

GKI Review Korea

Connect with current and former teachers at GKI Language Institute.

Teachers GKI Language Institute Korea

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There's a woman named Grace Lim who taught at GKI since 2009. She teaches at GKI in Guri City near 10 mintutes outside of Seoul..She said she had a good experience, was paid on time and her apartment was 10 minutes from her school. GKI owns the Guri City location as well, so worth a shot to get her insight. Her email is: gracelim129@hotmail.com

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GKI hires directly and doesn't use recruiters, at least that was my experience. They are a Christian school and the owner is/was Christian. Not sure how that will impact the teaching curriculum if at all.

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