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Teach In Korea – Korea Global Connections

Teach at Public School in Korea

We have recently updated teaching positions available right
away for contract starts in October, November and December.

These teaching jobs are in Gyeongju, Suwon, Dongtan, Osan, Jeonju, and Daegu,

Korea Global Connections started business in 2002.

Anna or Seonjooleon is a recruiter with KGC agency. She is happy to help you
find the perfect ESL teaching job in Korea.

KGC is an experienced firm and has a great reputation with ESL teachers.

If you’d like to apply for an English teaching job in Korea through Korea
Global Connections please apply through the website online application form.

KGC has many teaching jobs in the Korean cities listed above.

Here is 1 job in Seoul for your review:

This ESL teaching job is in Gangseo Gu, Seoul. This is the western part of

The teaching hours are from 9 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening.

You’ll teach kindergarten to elementary school young learners.

The teacher’s salary ranges from 2.1 to 2.2 million Korean won per month.

Single housing is provided to the teacher.

Currently, there are 7 foreign teachers at the school.

Apply for this teaching job in Gangseo Gu Seoul.

Here’s a list of all the teaching job opportunities with Korea Global Connections

Gangseo is located on the south side of the Han river in Seoul

Learn More about the Gangseo District from Wikipedia.
As per the map Gangseo is in west Seoul south of the Han River.

Gangseo West Seoul Korea

Here’s a video of an ESL teacher named Pani give 10 tips for
teaching in Korea.

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Here are the standard benefits teachers receive in Korea:

Teachers normally have between 22 to 30 classroom hours per week.

Teaching days are usually Monday to Friday. Weekends are typically off.

Classes consist of 12 students or less if you’re working in a private
language institute (hagwon) or 35 student in the Korean public school

You’ll be required to pay Korean income tax on your monthly teaching wages.
This amount varies between 3-5% depending on your salary.

Salaries range between 2.0 to 3.0 million KRW per month depending on your
education, teaching background and whether you require paid housing by the
school or not.

In USD the above salary is about $2,000 to $3,000 USD per month.

Your teaching salary is normally paid in Korean currency (WON) each

Your employer will pay 50% of your Korean national health insurance.

Other Benefits include:

Paid round trip airfare by your employer.

Single, furnished housing. Usually includes a TV, refrigerator and bed
along with kitchen utensils, gas phone, bathroom, air conditioner, etc.

Once you complete a 12 month contract with your school, you’ll be entitled
to a one month contract completion bonus.

Check Out More Teaching Jobs From KGC

4 new jobs advertised on September 26, 2016

Teach English in Jeonju City, South Korea

  • This job starts at the beginning of November
  • We have two teacher openings.
  • You’ll teach elementary to middle school students
  • The teaching schedule  is 2:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 in the evening.
  • Teaching pay is 2.1 to 2.2 Million KRW per month.
  • You’ll be given individual housing.
  • There are currently 5 foreign teachers working at the school.

Teaching English in Changwon City Korea

  • Changwon is 60 minutes from Busan.
  • This job starts the first week of January, 2017
  • You’ll work with elementary to middle school students
  • The teaching hours are from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm or 10:40
  • The teaching salary is 2.2 to 2.3 million KRW per month.
  • You’ll receive a single apartment.
  • There are 4 foreign teachers at the institute.

Teach English in Guri City (1/2 hour from Seoul)

  • This job starts in December.
  • You’ll teach kindergarten to middle school kids
  • The teaching hours are from 9:30 am until 6:30 pm.
  • Housing is for singles.
  • The salary is 2.1 to 2.2 million KRW per month
  • There are 4 foreign teachers at the school.

Teach in Ulsan

  • The start date is ASAP (or as soon as you get your work permit)
  • We have 1 teaching position available.
  • The students are kindergarten to middle school
  • The class schedule is 9-6 pm.
  • You’ll get a single apartment
  • Pay is 2.1 to 2.2 M KRW per month
  • There are now 6 foreign teachers working here.

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