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[Canadian Connection Educational Services Inc] We have 2017 Spring ESL teaching jobs available. Interviews for EPIK positions are starting for February start dates.

We are also hiring for private school teaching roles in Daegu and Jeongu right away for fall starts.

Canadian Connection Educational Services Inc, is a recruiting company that places foreign ESL instructors in private language institutes as well as public schools in South Korea.

We are now recruiting for teachers to work in Korean public schools starting in the spring of 2017. Please apply now if you wish to secure a teaching position in your desired city.

Also, we have two private school teaching positions in Daegu and Jeonju Korea.

Even though our company name is Canadian, we of course accept teachers applications from the 7 English-speaking countries. These include:

USA, England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Please visit our website to apply online for a teaching position.

DO NOT attempt to send your resume, application or documents by email.

1) Korea EPIK Program (English Program in Korea)

Teach at a Korean Public School

The Korean Ministry of Education runs the EPIK program and is responsible for hiring native English-speaking teachers for schools all over Korea.

EPIK has many jobs to fill so they enlist agencies like Canadian Connection as a preferred agency for hiring teachers.


The teaching schedule is Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5 pm.

You will teach 22 hours per week and overtime teaching could be offered.

The students vary from elementary school up to grade 6. Although in reality, you’ll most teach grades 3-6.

Middle schools from grade 7-9.

High school from grades 10-12.

Most of the teaching positions are in elementary and middle school, however.

Your vacation benefit will be 18 days per contract year and Korean national holidays.

The teaching salary is 1.8 to 2.5 million Korean Won per month.

There is a 300,000 Korean Won Korean settlement allowance.

You’ll receive a severance bonus equivalent to 1 months’ salary if you complete a 12 month contract.

Individual housing is offered in which the school will pay your monthly rent but you are responsible for utilities.

You will receive 1.3 million Korean Won when you arrive in Korea to cover your airfare expense to Korea.

Once you complete your teaching contract, and before you leave Korea, you’ll be entitled to an additional 1.3 million Korean won airfare reimbursement.

We are hiring for mid February, 2017. A one week EPIK orientation is mandatory for teachers.

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Here’s a great video about the EPIK Orientation (with music)

This is a 12 month contract with an option for you to review for a second year.

We place teachers throughout Korea. Where you will be placed will be decided just before or during your one week EPIK orientation, so special requests as to where you wish to teach are NOT guaranteed.

However, you can still indicate your teaching location preference when you apply.

EPIK places teachers in the following cities:

Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, Gwangju and Sejong

Provincial Locations:

Gyeonggi, Gangwon, North Chungcheong, South, Chungccheong, North Gyeonsang, South Gyeongsang, North Jeolla and Jeju island.

If you qualify for EPIK after an initial first round interview, then a second interview with an EPIK coordinator visa SKYP is required.

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2)Private Academies in Jeonju and Daegu

Jeongu starts in September and Daegu begins in November 2016

Working Conditions

These schools prefer teaches who have an English or Education major. Also TESOL certificate holders with previous teaching experience are desired.

The schedule is Monday to Friday for a maximum of 30 classroom hours each week.

Vacation time is 9-10 days + Korean public holidays.

The wage is between 2.0 million KRW to 2.5 million KRW monthly.

You’ll receive a 1 month severance bonus upon contract completion.

The students are kindergarten to elementary school kids.

Your one way airfare will be reimbursed after you arrive in Korea.

This is a 1 year teaching contract and you can renew for additional years.

Female teachers preferred who have an English or Education background or teaching experience in South Korea.

Please note, we are also accepting applications for public school teaching roles in Jeollanamdo. These roles begin in April 2017.

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Here’s a video tour of Daegu. It gives you a good feel for the area, people, and amenities.

Below is a map and walkability score for Daegu, Korea

The map shows all the restaurants, bars, grocery stores, parks, transportation, etc.

You can also zoom out on the map using the (-) icon to find Jeongu as well.

3) Provincial Office of Education for Public Schools in Jeollanamdo Province

Teach in Jeollanamdo KOrea

You’ll find Jeollanamdo in southwest Korea. It includes smaller cities and a combined population of 300,000 residents.

The teaching schedule at public schools is from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

The student levels range from Elementary school up to grade 6 but mostly grades 3-6. Middle schools from grades 7-9 and high school from grades 10-12. Most of the classes will be with elementary and middle school learners.

You’ll work 22 hours per week with overtime possibilities.

Vacation period is 4 weeks plus Korean national holidays.

The salary is between 2.0 to 2.5 million Korean Won per month.

There are also bonuses if you teach in a rural location and/or must travel to and from your school.

The settlement allowance is 300,000 Korean Won.

Also, a severance bonus equal to 1 month’s salary if you complete a 1 year contract.

Individual housing is paid by the school and teachers pay the utilities.

An airfare allowance of 1.3 Million KRW is give once you arrive in Korea. An additional 1.3 million KRW is reimbursed to you when you finish your contract and leave Korea.

The tentative dates for teaching are April 14th, 2017 with a one week orientation in Gwangju. This is a 12 month contract with renewal options.

School placements are in Mokpo, Suncheon, Gwangyang, Naju and Yeosu.

County placements include Wando, Jindo, Haenam, Gangjin, Yeongwang, Yeongaam, Muan, Jangheung, Boseong, Gurye, Gokseong, Hwasun, Goheung and Hampyeong.

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Our Canadian office location is:

2017 Danforth Avenue, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4C 1J7
Phone: 1.416.203.2679
Fax: 1.416.850.4539

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