Teach In South Korea – Park English

Teach In South Korea – Park English

Walking through Itaewon Korea

Park English is an English teacher recruiting company located in Seoul Korea.

Our team is made up of Korean Americans recruiters.

Because we are Kyopos, you’ll be able to communicate easily with us so we can help
you find your ideal teaching position quickly and stress free.

The staff at Park English are experienced EFL teachers who have a good
understanding and perspective of what you will go through living and working in

Our teacher placement service is 100% free for prospective teachers.

Here is 1 Seoul teaching in the spotlight among many others opportunities listed on
the Park English website

About The Job

We have 1 teaching position working with Elementary students.

The pay for this teaching role is 2.72 Million Korean Won per month.

You’ll receive OfficeTel style housing in Central Seoul. The location of your OfficeTel
is near line 6 at Yaksu station. This is very close to Itaewon. A famous district in Seoul.

Itaewon is a neighbourhood in Seoul where the majority of expats live. It includes a
diverse collection of nationalities, religions, and cultures.

There is shopping, restaurants, cafes and bars in the Itaewon district of Seoul.

Here’s a walking tour of the Itaewon district at night

More About The Job

Your employer will provide you with housing about a 30 minute walk from the

If you teach overtime, you’ll receive a pay rate of 15,000 KRW per hour for a
40 minute class.

Teaching hours are 33 per week.

The classroom teaching schedule is from 9:00 to 19:30 (7:30 pm) each day Monday
to Friday.

You’ll get 10 vacation days per year, a round trip planet ticket, severance pay and
medical insurance as part of your benefits package.

The school provides a structured curriculum, a professional director and motivated
returnee students.

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More About Park English

Park English is an officially recognized recruitment agency by the Korean Ministry
of Labor.

The laws of Korea expect all recruiting firms to be licenses by the Ministry of
Labor to protect the rights of foreigners and guarantee safe and legal business

Should you choose to use a recruiter in Korea who is unlicensed you could put
yourself and your future employer at risk.

The Park English Recruiting License # is: 2012-4100125-14-5-00012

Park English has a very careful and thorough teacher screening process. This
allows us to have successful teacher placements.

We have enjoyed a strong reputation among schools and teachers.

ESL Classroom Seoul Korea

We are also proud to be a member of the Recruitment Agency Organization of
Korea. As a member we strive to provide the highest qualify of service levels
for schools and English instructors.

If you’re considering teaching in Korea, just remember that this will be a
life changing experience for you.

Armed with your academic achievement from university you’ll get a chance to
make a difference in your students lives.

At Park English we work hard to fill teaching roles with the best and
brightest university graduates from English speaking countries.

This is truly a rewarding opportunity for native English speakers who are
qualified and excited to experience a new job, culture, geography, food,
language, and of course… interacting with Koreans.

We are very familiar with the challenges of living in a foreign country and
being away from friends and family.

At Park English we have get togethers so you can meet with fellow ESL teachers
and Koreans as well.

These events are great opportunities to make life long friends and share your
experiences living and working in South Korea.

Park English chooses to work with only most reputable schools in Korea and
we strive to provide teachers with the best possible teaching and living

ESL Teacher Housing Korea

Here’s a link to the Park English Facebook Page

Here’s a link to the Park English LinkedIn Page

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3 5 1
They are 100% business driven so don't expect much TLC. They recruit for all over Korea, but only sent me Seoul jobs. Unfortunately, the Seoul job they sent me weren't in the neighbourhoods I wanted. Decent people but not good listeners to teachers' needs. in my HO... Push for the locations and schools you want with them.

4 5 1
I got my first teaching job in Korea through Park. They worked well for me and a few friends also got jobs through them. Didn't have any issues and would recommend them.

2 5 1
I worked with a recruiter and she was pushy and rude until I mentioned I was also talking to competing recruiters. She didn't answer my questions. I wanted to say, my experience with them was very poor! Different recruiters, I am sure are different, but the recruiter I worked with was just bad. I get that recruiters are obviously in in it for the money and see teachers as $$$ signs, but she was unprofessional calling my at least a dozen times in one hour in the middle of the night.

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