Teach English In Jeju Island Korea

Teach English In Jeju Island Korea

Live and Teach In Jeju Island Korea

Shilla Resort Jeju Island Korea

YBM Pine Korea is hiring English  teachers for
our school in Jeju Island  (Nohyeong District).

ISP or International School Preparatory is a preparatory school
which is part of YBM Education Incorporated.

The school provides young learners from Korean and China (not native English speakers)
with one to one academic training and stellar curriculum to help them obtain
admission to international schools located in Korea.

These teaching positions at ISP will start between October to
November 2016.

You will receive full benefits from YBM Corporation Korea.

Here’s an amazing opportunity to live and teach in beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea.

Jeju Island is not only a very popular tourist attraction for its beaches, mountains and
scenery, but it’s also home to many Koreans who enjoy an island lifestyle.

YBM Jeju ISP provides English teachers with a very competitive salary and benefit

YBM Pine Nohyeon District is considered to be the Gangnam of Jeju City.

It’s home to many beautiful homes and prosperous businesses.

As a teacher in this neighborhood you’ll enjoy the best of shopping, restaurants,
movie theaters, nightclubs, health clubs and more.

Here’s a 3rd party video of an ESL teacher discussing what it’s like to live
and teach in 
Jeju Island, Korea. Great insight!

Jeju island receives over 10 million tourists each year from all over the world.

The island has also been classified as a UNESCO world heritage attraction. This is due
to its beautiful beaches, waterfalls and inactive volcano. The Volcano is Jeju’s highest
mountain in Korea.

This teaching contract is for 12 months. You will receive all expected benefits.

The teaching location is Jeju ISP located in the Nohyeong district of Jeju City, Korea.

The teaching salary is between 2.3 to 2.5 M KRW per month.

If you complete a 12 month contract at the school you will be entitled to 1 month’s
severance pay.

Your housing choices include a housing allowance of up to 450,000 Korean won
per month or a single studio apartment subsidized by the school.

You will also receive medical insurance and be a part of the Korean national pension
plan, as required by Korean labour law.

You will receive a paid air plane ticket to Korea from the school.

The teaching schedule is from 10 in the morning until 6 pm in the evening. This is a
5 day work week with two days off (in a row) each week.

In order to apply you must be a native English speaker and meet the
requirements for an E2 visa sponsorship from YBM.

You can also apply if you already have an E2 visa, D10 visa or F2 or F6 visa.
Here are the documents you must submit with your application to YBM Pine:

Please send a resume and a short cover letter (email) highlighting that you are
applying for the Jeju ISP teaching position.

Send a current photograph of yourself.

Provide all E2 visa documentation such as your degree with apostille or notarization
(depending on your country of citizenship) along with a copy of your passport
and a criminal background verification document.

If you already have a current E2 visa in Korea, please make a photocopy of the
front and back of your Alien Registration Card (ARC) and send it to us as well.

Please send all of the above documents to:

Danny J. Kim
Human Resources Manager of YBM Head Office
Email Address: danny@ybmsisa.co.kr

The Application Process – YBM PINE

Step 1

Send by email your resume, cover letter, scanned copy of your passport photo
and front page to the YBM Pine Human Resources Coordinator.

Step 2

Once your resume and supporting documents are received by the HR Coordinator
it will be reviewed and if you qualify, you will be contacted for a  phone interview.

Only qualified applicants will be contacted.

Step 3

You will have your first interview with the HR Coordinator from YBM Pine. If you are
successful during this initial interview, a second interview will be scheduled with the
Director of the school.

Step 4

You will have an interview with the Director of the school.  If the director feels
that you are a good fit for the teaching position, you will be offered a contract with
the school. A contract outlining salary, benefits and teaching and working conditions
will be described in the teaching contract. The contract will be sent to you by email.

Step 5

You will review the contract and sign two copies of it and send back to the school.

You will need to include the following documents with the signed contract:

  • Your original diploma in English.
  • Your official sealed university academic transcripts. These transcripts MUST NOT
  • be opened. They must bear a signature or university stamp across the back opening
  • of the envelope ensuring they have not been opened.
  • A criminal background check completed (and current) with a notarized or apostilled
  • authentication.
  • A health form completed as per the E2 visa application requirements.
  • A photocopy of your passport with the information page.
  • A copy of your resume, home address and phone number.
  • 5 passport photographs (colour)

Please send these documents via FedEx, UPS or DHL with a tracking number included.

Step 6

After the school receives all of the above documents, this package will be taken to the
Korean immigration office in order to issue an E2 visa with a confirmation number.

The E2 visa confirmation number usually takes 3-4 weeks to be approved.

Step 7

During this 3-4 week E2 visa waiting period for your confirmation number you will
schedule an interview with the Korean consulate in your country of residence. Once
you have passed this interview with the consulate your E2 visa will be granted.

Step 8

You will receive the E2 confirmation number by email. The next step is to take this
number along with all of your documents to the Korean consulate or embassy in your
home country.

These documents include your passport, passport sized photos,completed visa application
form, and the application fee. If you do not live near a Korean consulate or embassy
please send this package of documents by secure mail to the consulate.

Please call them and make sure you have the correct address of the nearest consulate
or embassy and instructions from them before sending off your documents.

Step 9

Once your passport is returned to you by the Korean consulate or embassy with a visa stamp
in it, you are ready to come to Korea. YBM will prepay your plane ticket to Korea. If your passport
is NOT ready in time for your flight departure, please notify YBM Pine (in advance) so the flight
schedule and teaching start date can be adjusted.

Step 10

Upon arriving in South Korea, a drug and health test will be scheduled. Once your health and
drug tests have been approved and you have a clean bill of health, you will be issued an Alien
Registration Card.

End of Job Posting


This 2nd YBM Pine job ad below was originally posted
September 24, 2016

YBM Pine in Yongsan, Seoul Korea is hiring native
English speakers, to teach English in Korea to young

YBM Pine Korea

YBM PINE Pre-School Academy (PSA) was founded in Seocho, Seoul in 1996 provides
a rich English learning curriculum.

The learning goals of PSA are to help young Korean English learners to develop
confidence, self-esteem and the ability to solve problems.

There are five pre-school academies in Seoul, another in Bundang, just outside of
Seoul and one institute in Busan (southern part of Korea).

Teaching Qualifications

In order to teach English in Korea, you’ll need to be a native English speaker and
possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognized 4 year university.

You must be able to work on your own, be flexible and deal with challenges and
have strong time management and organizational skills.

If you have a TESOL or TEFL certificate or a Master’s degree are desired.

As an English instructor for YBM PINE you’ll teach students aging in range from
5 to 7 years of age.

Class at YBM Pine Korea

English Teacher With Korean Students at YBM Pine Korea

These are English immersion kindergarten classes.

Each English class is made up of a Korean home room teacher, a Korean bilingual
teacher, native English teacher and a teacher’s assistant.

Classroom teaching responsibilities are divided between the foreign English
teacher and the Korean home room teacher.

Other classes such as music, art, science, physical education and musical English
are taught by different teachers.

Teaching hours daily are between 9:30 in the morning until 2:50 pm in the
afternoon. These are typical kindergarten hours.

There is an after school program between 3:00 to 4:30 pm.

Apply Now

Here’s a photo of the YBM PINE PSA language institute.

YBM Pine School Yongsan

YBM PINE Institute In Yongsan, Seoul

Note: Classroom times may differ based on the school and/or location you’ll be
teaching. This is due to after school programs.

Each classroom consists of no more than 20 students.

Each school year consists of 12 academic sessions and 18 to 20 teaching days per

The year runs from March to February.

There are summer and winter breaks in the academic schedule with are 9 to 10
days per year.

The teaching curriculum is based on PINE’s educational research and
development department.

The teaching salary depends on the instructor’s academic credentials and
teaching experience.

Teaching experience in Korea or outside of Korea is desired.

Apply Now

Here’s the location of Yongsan just north of the Han River in Seoul.

Yongsan Seoul Map

Map Of Yongsan In Seoul

Teaching Responsibilities

You will professionally manage your own assigned group of students and

You will take care of the safety and daily needs of your students during your
teaching shift.

Your lessons should be created and executed in accordance with the curriculum
of the pre-school academy.

You will ensure discipline is upheld in your classroom and your students are
treated firmly and fairly.

You will be required to attend faculty meetings and certain school functions
throughout the academic year when asked.

You will be responsible for measuring your students’ progress. This includes
student monitoring, reporting, and all necessary student and administrative paperwork.

You will have a voice in all facets of the educational system at PSA. This includes
decisions involving student study, teaching methods and materials, and classroom
policies, resources and learning methods.

YBM is the parent company of YBM Education and has 50 years of experience in
the Korean English learning environment.

YBM is well-known for its language schools, books, multi media and test prep
courses for Koreans from children to adults learners.

The goal of YBM is to help millions of Korean English learners develop maximum
levels of proficiency in reading, listening, writing and speaking.


YBM PINE is part of YBM Education.

The Pre-School Academy which is a PINE school manages eight school brands.

Each brand focuses on a specific student age group and English language ability
of the Korean students.

There are about 200 native speaker English teachers teaching in Korea through

In addition, YBM PINE employs 250 Korean teachers at 25 schools from the eight

Each school also employs administrative staff to cover the daily management all
operational aspects.

Apply Now

Here’s a 3rd party walking tour of the Yongsan district in Seoul.

Frequently Asked Questions From English Teachers

YBM will purchase a one-way ticket from the nearest international airport to
Korea (Seoul or Busan) through our travel agency in Korea. You will be sent an
e-ticket once we receive confirmation of your visa issuance form from the Korean
Immigration office.

Does YBM Pine pay for my flight to Korea?

Yes, YBM will buy you a one-way plane ticket to Korea. For example, if you are
teaching in Seoul, we will pay for your plane ticket to Seoul. If you are teaching in
Busan, we’ll pay for your ticket to Busan.

Once your teaching visa is approved by Korean immigration we will send you an
electronic ticket to Korea.

What kind of housing assistance does YBM PINE offer?

If you need your school to provide you with housing, YBM PINE will give you a
partially furnished apartment.

The school will contract a one year leasing agreement for single housing on your

You will receive housing for the duration of your teaching contract.

There is also a housing subsidy allowance available to you if you have or can find
your own apartment. This is to be determined in the employment contract you
sign with your school and location.

What is the vacation period like?

Teachers receive 9-10 days of vacation per school year. The academic year is
from March to February.

In addition to vacation days, teachers are entitled to 10 to 14 Korean public
holidays per calendar year. These public holidays are unpaid.

When do I get paid?

YBM pays teachers monthly. Your monthly salary will be deposited into your
Korean bank account on the 7th of each month.

You will also receive a statement of income that details what taxes and
deductions are removed from your gross income each month.

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Past and Present Teachers From YBM Pine Korea

English Teachers YBM Pine

YBM Pine ESL teachers

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