Teacher For Jeju Island Public School (4 Weeks Vacation)

Jeju/F visa:OK/Middle to High School/4 wks vacation+Extra Benefits

1)Location: Seongsanup(성산읍), Seoguipo City In Jeju Island//It takes about 30 minutes by bus to Jeju city that is the largest city in Jeju Island.
=Website of Jeju Island :http://english.jeju.go.kr/
2)Teaching levels: Middle School and High School Students
3)Working time (Monday to Friday): 10AM to 5PM(including lunch break),
4)Teaching hours per week: 30 hours
=Salary : 2.-2.1 million won(negotiable)
=Severance pay : Negotiable
-One way ticket
-Health Insurance: 50% support
-Housing; Single room with a bath room. You will share the laundry machines with other teachers.
6)Extra Benefits
=Vacation: Total 4 weeks per year(two weeks in summer and two weeks in winter)+ 3 paid sick days.
-Two weeks: Paid
-Two weeks: No paid
=This school is an alternative school. Thus, their operation system is similar to the public school. All of their students and teachers are living in a dormitory. You don’t need to pay the maintenance expense of your private room.
=Two free meals(lunch and dinner) are provided at the school’s cafeteria every day. Their quality is good. If you enjoy them two times every day, you will probably be able to save more than 300,000won every month.
7)Founded in 2010/Stable in various ways/Well organized
8)Date of starting work: April or May, 2017(a little flexible)
9)F visa holder is also acceptable
@@Please apply for above position by one of the following ways.
(1)Submitting your job application on our website(www.eslviva.com) to let us know specifically about you and your requirements, and it will greatly help us recommend you to our clients positively.
(2)Sending your resume(microsoft word format only) and picture(JPG format only) via email. If you send them to our main email address (hivivacom-et-daum.net), it will be more convenient for us.
Director of VivaCom recruiting agency(reputable and licensed recruiter)

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