Fluent in 3 Months

Speaking the language of the host country where you’ll be teaching is a MUST!  Best selling author and Polygot Benny Lewis has a series of language learning books called “Fluent in 3 Months” that will help you learn how to learn a foreign language. Benny has been interviewed by Tim Ferris, seen on National Geographic and done Tedx Talks. He’s definitely an authority!

Fluent in 3 Months banner

Selfie Stick (FUN!)

Going abroad to teach English? Don’t forget your selfie stick. These gadgets are awesome for taking “360” pictures of you and students in unforgettable places. It folds up nice and compact in the smallest of backpacks.

Make Memories while you teach & travel the World.jpg

Make Memories teaching & traveling the world

World Power Travel Adapter

I picked up the Targus travel adapter at an airport shop on the way to Korea because I forgot mine at home. It’s something you just can’t live without. Especially when you’re traveling and teaching in different countries.

Targus World Travel Adapter.jpg

Don’t forget your world travel adapter!


Solar Powered Back Pack (to charge devices)

Enjoy free unlimited on-the-go power with the ECEEN solar charger backpack. It’s a perfect choice for any ESL teacher “on the go”. The panel charges your cell phone, tablet, e-reader, GOPRO cameras. Never run out of power while you’re sitting on a beach in Phuket or hiking through Seoul.

Charge your mobile devices anywhere!.jpg

Charge your devices anywhere!


Macbook Air 11,13 inch (Protective Case)

Airbooks are awesome, but expensive and fragile. This protective case is a steal for under $15. It protects your airbook from dents and scratches when you’re on the move. I bought one for my 13 inch airbook. Fits like a glove! Also available in 11 inch.

Mac airbook protective cover.jpg

Protects Airbooks from dents and scratches

Headphones (BOSE is BEST)

You can’t beat BOSE for headphones. For short subway or bus hops to and from class or long haul flights to Asia. These headphones pump out awesome sound quality. They’re lightweight, but durable. I take them everywhere!

Escape from the noise of Seoul Subway rides.jpg

Escape the noise of Seoul Subway Rides



Athletic Greens


Don’t ignore the health of your body and mind while teaching English overseas. Each day you’ll be up against pollution, foreign water and food bacteria, an improvised diet, exhausting teaching days, and often a lack of sufficient sleep. All of which will reek havoc on your immune system. That’s where Athletic Greens comes in—it’s the supplement you can use every morning. I wish it would have been available when I taught abroad.  Use this link to get 50% off your order.


Disclosure: Please note that the products above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you. I earn a small commission if you make a purchase. I use the items listed above and I highly recommend them because they’ll make your life healthier, more comfortable, and memorable while you’re teaching abroad.  Paul – eslteachingonline.com