Teaching At Korea University Of Technology And Education


Teaching At Korea University Of Technology And Education


The Korea University of Technology and Education (KOREATECH) is a government-funded university with a strong focus on engineering. KOREATECH’s founding philosophy is ‘seeking truth from established facts’ and, although KOREATECH is a small school, it has gained a solid reputation nationally in several aspects, such as best education-oriented university and best university for job placement. In short, KUT ranked 1st in 2015 for alumni employment rate among universities that do not have medical program.

KOREATECH has a cozy campus situated near Cheonan city, easily accessible from Seoul.

Here’s a map with directions and street views of KOREATECH.

Cheonan Korea Map Wikipedia

Cheonan City (in red)

There is a healthy community of both International Students (Undergraduate and Graduate) and Professors at KOREATECH. The English Education program at KOREATECH is now an essential part of every undergraduate course, with students being required to attain a minimum level of English in order to graduate. This push stems from KOREATECH’s commitment to its students’ futures, as some level of English ability is usually integral to their careers.

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You will be provided with your own office in the Global Education Center, the newest building on campus and also where your classes will be. The Global Lounge is the ground floor of this building and its role is to provide English, Chinese and Japanese conversation practice to students as well as to educate them about and let them experience different cultures. The Global Lounge program complements the English Education program by giving students natural environments in which to practice and interact with native speakers. You will have the opportunity to bring your own ideas to the Global Lounge and set up your own programs.

Job Title
Full Time English Instructor (Acting Professor)

• Native English speaker
• Master ‘s Degree (Preferably English or Education related)
• Minimum of 2 years teaching experience

Job Description
You will be teaching English to university students of all levels from all majors.
You will attend meetings and workshops as required.
Other duties as reasonably requested of you.

Working conditions
Contract Period: March 1, 2017 –February 28, 2018
You should attend 3 days of orientation in the week preceding the commencement of your contract.
The contract is renewable based on job performance and overall evaluation.

Teaching Hours: 16 hours/week Monday – Friday

Class hours range from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00
*hours range may be subject to change based University schedule

Vacation: You are required to work a total of 64 hours during the combined winter and summer vacation periods (i.e. you may choose to do 32 hours in summer and 32 in winter or all 64 in summer/winter)

Salary: 2,686,000₩/month for Master’s Degree holders
Overtime: 25,000₩/hour for overtime each week

*Accurate salary figures based on 2016 school year and may vary slightly*

Office: You will be provided with your own modern furnished office with a computer for your use.

KOREATECH University

Application Details:
Please email your CV(with your Photo and Visa status) and cover letter to:

Jiin, Kim
Staff of GEC
KOREATECH (Korea University of Technology and Education)
Application Deadline: Dec. 20, 2016
Interview date to be advised

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