Teaching English At DYB Education Korea

Teaching English At DYB Education Korea

Female Teacher with student

DYB Education Seoul, Gyeonggi

We are looking for English teachers to work at schools in Seoul and Gyeonggi.

DYB stands for DO YOUR BEST.

We have 14 schools in the Seoul area. Our students are elementary to middle school level.

About the Teaching Job

You’ll teach at one of our Seoul or Gyeonggi academies.

These jobs are starting in November or December, 2016.

The teaching schedule is from 3:00 pm until 10:00 evenings.

Total teaching hours are 30 hours each week.

The students are 10 to 13 years of age and the average classroom size is 10-15 children. We provide a curriculum and teaching syllabus for teachers.

The teaching salary is 2.6 Million KRW per month

The contract includes paid accommodations for one person which is very close to the school. If you have your own housing, we provide a housing allowance.

Other benefits include medical insurance, Korean national pension and airfare reimbursement.

The photo below is a foreign teacher orientation and training workshop at DYB.

New foreign teacher workshop at DYB

Teaching Qualifications:

A BA degree in any major.
Must provide a criminal background check

Please apply at our website or dybrecruitment@gmail.com


Here’s a fun video about hagwon life at DYB Education Bundang. Bundang is about 40 minutes outside of Seoul.

The video will show you around the teachers’ office, classrooms and some short conversations with foreign and Korean teachers as well as the students.

Here’s a 360 degree street view of one of the DYB English academies in Seoul. If you look closely you’ll see the hagwon is above the Crown Bakery.

Click and scroll around the street view to get a feel for  the neighbourhood.

Here’s a link to a news article in The Korea Herald newspaper with the CEO of DYB Education. He talks about entering the Chinese and Vietnam English education markets.

Teaching at DYB Education

DYB started 22 years ago in Korea starting with just six students and one teacher, who is now the CEO. The school now has 15,000 students attending academies in 14 locations.

These branches include:

Daechi, Seoul, Jamsil, Seoul, Pyeongchon, Budang, Suwon, Suji, lsan, Jungye, Songpa

DYB began 22 years ago in a small classroom with six students and one teacher. The teacher’s name was Song Oh-hyun, the CEO of DYB Choisun. From the six, the number of students has increased to almost 15,000, spanning out to over 14 DYB branches:

The DYB chain also offers math teaching in Korea. They’ve also set up summer learning programs in both Canada and the US. They have a full publishing operation and their books can be found in Korean bookstores.

DYB Education has 80 native English teachers employed at various campuses throughout the Seoul vicinity.

Foreign teachers partner with Korean teachers to teach elementary and middle school students. Grades would be between grades 3-6 and then 7-9 for middle school.

The English curriculum covers all components of the language ranging from reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Native speakers handle speaking and writing while the Korean instructors teach reading and listening.

There are 4 learning levels for each grade. Textbooks are different at each level to challenge the students.

Testing is done by Korean teachers while foreign teachers are responsible for lively, fun learning English activities.

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Teacher Reviews

Don’t have to worry about getting paid. Above average salaries, great Korean co-teachers.

One teacher claims he knows teachers working at DYB. The recommendation is to avoid. They pay about 2.5 M KRW per month and offer good apartments, but it’s a 6 day work week. There have been complaints about not getting return airfare and working some Korean holidays. Also, plenty of unpaid school meetings and events occurring on the weekends and mornings before classes.

Another teacher taught for DYB for 3 years. They will work you hard, and it can be challenging, but you’ll be treated fairly.

You may be required to teach winter and summer intensive classes. But, you’ll get paid a lot more for these courses.

They don’t have a rigid teaching curriculum so you can  create lessons that are more relevant to your students learning goals.

The housing managers don’t speak English so communication can be difficult to get things done.

You’ll work long hours, so sleep is important. It’s harder to perform in the classroom if you’re tired.

The school has a Korean and foreign teacher partner system. The company is serious about English education compared with other hagwons

Let teachers have their own classrooms instead of moving around from classroom to classroom.

Many company meetings, seminars and dinners which are unpaid time

Good pay, good housing, a responsive HR department.

They prefer to hire teachers fresh of university because they are “blank slates” don’t have teaching experience and will adapt to the company’s policies.

A fair number of company events which include heavy drinking and your relationship with Korean staff and coworkers depends on going out often with them.

Some unusual interview questions during your Skype interview like: Do you have a life partner? Do you plan to get a boyfriend or girlfriend in Korea.

Below are some former teacher’s comments comparing the Seoul and Bundang DYB campuses.

Teaching at DYB

Seoul and Bundang Hagwon comparisons

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