Teaching English For Free?

Teach for free

Elementary, middle, high school, university and corporate ESL teachers—there’s always a chance to teach more private classes.

There are hundreds of eager English learners that would gladly buy you a cup of coffee in exchange for a free English lesson.

Yes, you heard me right.

While most of us can easily command high hourly rates for teaching English privately abroad, having a conversation (in English) with a student isn’t always about making a fast buck.

In some cases, pro-bono teaching makes perfect sense. You might be friends with a student, or a parent of a student, maybe you’re volunteering at an orphanage, or even offering extracurricular help to a student who’s writing an essay or studying for a test.

And.. just because you’re teaching “for free” doesn’t mean you should ignore the upsides.

Consider your student’s circle of friends, family, or colleagues. Helping one of them means the opportunity to expand your network, or leverage them for support. Especially, when you need help with one of the many challenges that arise while living in a foreign country.

Now, more than ever, you need to build a support system of local friends. If you have a crisis, it’s they who can help you, not your fellow foreign colleagues.

Here’s the reality: you’re an alien living alone in your host country.  The network you build tomorrow will be the direct result of the number of locals (students or non -students) you influence today.

Pay it forward. Because you can’t always slap on a price for helping others.

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